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Venue issues statement after fan threw a drink at Scarlett during WWE house show

Saturday night (Nov. 12) at WWE’s house show in Peoria, Illinois, there was an incident during the match between Drew McIntyre and Karrion Kross. A woman was said to have thrown a drink at Kross’ partner Scarlett, resulting in her and some of the people with her being ejected from the Peoria Civic Center.

Aside from Scarlett heeling it up about the incident...

... there’d been no comment from any of the parties involved. Now, local CBS affiliate WMDB has an update. Peoria Police said no charges were filed, and no arrests made. Beau Sutherland, Director of Sales & Marketing for The Civic Center, offered the following statement the WMDB:

“We are aware of the incident that took place at the WWE event on Saturday, November 12. Fortunately, our Peoria Civic Center security team along with the Peoria Police quickly identified the individuals responsible and escorted them out of the building for the remainder of the show. While we were disappointed in the actions of a couple and the brief distraction they caused, over 4,000 enthusiastic WWE fans were treated to a very entertaining event.”

It’s tempting, especially for an old head like yours truly, to see this story and lament when we celebrated every time pro wrestling was still real to a grandmother in the front row, and she swung her purse at Roddy Piper or another top bad guy. But these aren’t “the good old days” any more. Even if this lady and her family just got a little too carried away, we can’t know what the next person who decides to do something similar won’t have worse intentions.

Now, the important things are that everyone’s fine, and that the message’s been sent that this isn’t cool.

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