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Juventud Guerrera taught Sasha Banks the Juicycopter

Sasha Banks recently visited Mexico, and she found time for a taste of Juvi juice. Banks stepped into the ring with three-time WCW cruiserweight champion Juventud Guerrera to learn some new moves for her arsenal.

Guerrera documented the visit for his vlog. Kalisto also joined in on the fun. Excitement was high as Banks and Kalisto broke out with Juicy chants. The training footage is pretty cool. Banks’ enthusiasm for learning from the lucha libre superstar is contagious. This video should put a smile on your face.

Banks worked on two moves in particular. First was a rolling setup for an armbar.

The second was Banks learning the Juicycopter, which is a fancy head scissors takeover.

Here’s to hoping that Banks breaks out the Juicycopter next time she returns to the ring. The name alone deserves to shouted by commentators.

Juicy! Juicy! Juicy!

How hard would you pop if Sasha Banks executes the Juicycopter in front of a live crowd?

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