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Trick Williams is too good to be a sidekick

Carmelo Hayes is a richly talented young star for NXT, arguably the best on the roster during the “2.0” Era. You could argue he’s still the best on the roster and should really be working on Monday or Friday instead of Tuesday.

Having said that, Trick Williams, the guy tasked with being his sidekick, is too damn good to be playing that supporting role for much longer.

Trick may not have the same ceiling as far as actual wrestling matches are concerned but a wise man once said the least important part of pro wrestling is the actual matches. In every other way, Trick screams star power.

He’s a great talker with an even better look and charisma for days. He’s also wildly entertaining. Here’s his latest, in which every mannerism cracks me up:

I absolutely love this guy.

There are no signs of his breaking off to do his own thing anytime soon, but I’ll continue to hope that happens. He’s simply too good not to be a main character.

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