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It’s time to do away with Elimination Chamber

There’s been a lot of talk recently surrounding the new creative regime within WWE doing away with gimmick concepts for pay-per-views. I, for one, am fully in support of this, from Hell in a Cell to Money in the Bank and right up through Elimination Chamber.

Especially Elimination Chamber.

The idea behind a match like Hell in a Cell should be simple — two folks are at war with each, and they cannot solve it through standard combat so they have to quite literally go to Hell, the inside of a cage, and do greater than normal harm to each other in service of putting an end to the divide. When used sparingly, it retains that effect.

In its current form, as a PPV on the calendar, it simply satisfies a requirement. It is a detriment to proper planning, a form of creative bankruptcy. The new regime is showing us time and again they do not suffer from these kind of issues. So why keep it around as a Premium Live Event?

As for Elimination Chamber, the match itself is a poor knockoff of Hell in a Cell that requires six participants and is much harder to tell a good story with. It does nothing that quite literally any other match with similar components — Hell in a Cell, Royal Rumble, War Games — doesn’t do better. It is as though they wanted the best of all worlds and instead they got the opposite of that.

With War Games having come to the main roster, Elimination Chamber is no longer needed in any way.

It’s a poor viewing experience and it often acts a crutch on the road to WrestleMania. It should be done away with following the 2023 event, which has already been announced.

Tell me if I’m wrong, Cagesiders.

But you know I’m not.

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