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Bodhi Hayward on WWE NXT release: ‘I’m hurt, I’m embarrassed’

Earlier today, word made the rounds that the WWE Performance Center was hit with a round of cuts. Surprisingly, Bodhi Hayward, who seemed to have some potential as a student at Chase University under the tutelage of Andre Chase on television, was one of those released.

He responded to the news with an emotional video showing some vulnerability before promising to stay resilient:

“What up, Brodies. It’s your boy, Bohdi Haywar… Brady Booker here to tell you I was just released from the WWE. I’m hurt, I’m embarrassed, and Brodies I’m just down bad. For the past 18 months, Andre Chase University and wrestling has been my whole life. But I am no stranger to adversity. Adversity is something that has come up my whole life, and I’ve always found a way to get on top. I will do it again. I’m Brady Booker, and I’m here to stay.”

We’ve seen plenty of wrestlers get let go by WWE and make their way back and/or have successful careers elsewhere. Let’s hope the same rings true here.

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