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WWE gives us an explanation that actually makes sense

I’ve been critical of the Dexter Lumis/Miz storyline pretty much from the outset. Lumis is a creepy weirdo who is stalking Miz, who is very bad, and he was being treated like the babyface in the situation because … uh … Miz is bad?

You know, the whole thing about your enemies being ontologically evil and therefore any action you take upon them is justified or whatever. I guess.


I wondered where the hell they could possibly be going, and when the hell they would bother to get there. We finally got an answer on Monday Night Raw this week in the form of Byron Saxton, doing his best work as an investigative TV reporter, interviewing Johnny Gargano, who promised to tell all:

I’ll be damned. An explanation that actually makes sense.

Lumis was fired by WWE and out on the street struggling to make a buck. The Miz came along and decided to pay him to stalk him so that he could stage a series of attacks in order to gain attention in the form of a celebrity stalker. At some point it went south and now it’s legitimate because Miz isn’t paying up anymore.

Gargano laid out a compelling case! You couldn’t help but believe him by the time the report was finished. It’s also the only decent explanation they could have for Lumis actually being the babyface in all this. And it’s such a Miz thing to do.

Well done all around.

It’s also a good lesson for folks like me — maybe the new regime deserves a lot more patience with its storytelling than the old one.

Anyway, here are all the videos from Raw this week:

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