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WWE NXT results, live blog (Nov. 1, 2022): Mandy Rose celebration

Here’s a place to check results and comment along with the newest episode of WWE NXT, airing live on Tuesday night at 8PM Eastern time slot on USA Network.

Check out our Tuesday morning preview post to get caught up on what’s been happening, and what we expect this week.

Advertised for tonight from the WWE Performance Center: Mandy Rose joins Asuka & Shayna Baszler in the “We spent one year or more as NXT Women’s champ” club, while men’s titleholder Bron Breakker is back for the first time since his Halloween Havoc title defense. Plus, R-Truth is back to take on Grayson Waller, Schism is interviewed after last Tuesday’s Ava Raine reveal, Thea Hail will rep Chase U against Kiana James, Odyssey Jones returns from injury, and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the NXT live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. A running record of everything that happens will be below this line here.

Enjoy the show!


I’ve seen the morning in the mountains of Alaska, I’ve seen the sunset in the east and in the west. I’ve sang the glory that was Rome, and passed the hound dog singer’s home, but now I’m gonna liveblog this here pro wrestling show for you, folks.

The show opens with Bron Breakker making his entrance.

He gets on the mic and talks about how monumental Halloween Havoc was for the entire locker room, but soon enough he gets cut off—

Enter Pretty Deadly.

They talk about how Bron squeaks out his victories and tell him he’s the absolute worst and they’re sick of it. He does a terrible English accent and calls them wankers, which gets their hackles up. They claim their title defense was bigger and they deserve a glittering parade and pomp and circumstance and a moment in the sun.

Enter Wes Lee.

He can’t listen to this anymore and tells the tag champs to shut up. He tells Bron he appreciates the words, and Pretty Deadly tell him off and want to get back to the topic being them. Bron says maybe if they hadn’t combed their hair for three hours before the show they could have been fist.

Wes has to give them credit for beautiful hair and Bron goes in for a closer look and has to admit they do have great hair. He admits he takes it too far sometimes, so he’s just gonna take a step back and let Pretty Deadly have their spotlight. They thank him and Wes offers them a big intro, calling them tasty snacks.

The singles champs talk about how usually if you open the show you get interrupted and somebody comes after their titles, and that somebody is them. Wes misses holding the tag titles and Bron’s never had them, so since Pretty Deadly claim to be the best champions in NXT, they should put the titles on the line tonight.

Pretty Deadly say they’ll have the last laugh, Bron says they’ll win the tag titles, and Elton Prince says there’s no way tonight could get any worse.

Enter R-Truth to send us to break.

Grayson Waller vs. R-Truth

Waller jawing at Truth, Ron slaps him in the face, Grayson with a front kick and punches into the corner! Whip across, shoulder block, big lariat, draw him up but Wallter punches him right in the chest! Duck a lariat, Manhattan Drop, Atomic Drop, headlock takeover to grind the younger man down!

Off the ropes, shoulder block, mocking “You Can’t See Me” but he runs right into a drop down and Truth goes right back to the headlock! Waller on the comeback, STO sets him up, he goes to the second and walks the ropes but Truth rolls away! To the floor, Truth lands awkward on a dive and we go to break!

Back from commercial, we’re informed that R-Truth is in fact hurt badly enough that the match has to be called off as he’s helped out by trainers.

Grayson Waller wins by referee stoppage.

Post-match, Waller cuts a promo and says it doesn’t matter who it is, he’s the most dominant superstar in this company and he’s sick and tired of people sleeping on him. He just beat a twenty-year vet on his own, and NXT is his house, and ain’t nobody gonna change that.

Vic Joseph has a sit-down interview with the Schism.

Ava Raine says nobody knew it was her and she showed them they know nothing. She’s been around WWE her entire life, and nobody took the time to get to know her until she met Joe, Rip, and Jagger. When she first started training at the Performance Center, she suffered a devastating injury and she didn’t hear anything from anybody but Joe Gacy.

Gacy says Vic is completely missing the point, Ava isn’t here because she does something for them. Everybody has asked her for things her entire life, she’s here because they accept her for who she truly is. Rip Fowler offers Vic a smiley pin, and Jagger Reid says they welcome taking your mask off.

He has one more question, about a Cameron Grimes tweet about Raine being brainwashed. She says she’s not brainwashed, she just saw what Grimes could never see, that she can do more with the Schism than as an individual. You don’t just get to reject the Schism and walk away, and they’re committed to making an example out of Cameron Grimes when he wrestles Joe for the final time next week.

Four roots, one tree.

Big Body Javier Bernal is outside of Shawn Michaels’ office talking to Edris Enofe and Malik Blade. He warns them not to waste their meeting with HBK and they’re better off just watching his match tonight.

Odyssey Jones leaves the office and says he’s Javi’s match tonight.

We see Kiana James handing an envelope off to somebody and we go to break.

Back from commercial, we see footage from earlier of Indi Hartwell confronting Zoey Stark and telling her to get over her loss.

Stark says Indi doesn’t deserve a title match because they’re actually earned, and Hartwell says she’s gonna earn a boot to the face. They get hot and the locker room has to pull them apart.

Andre Chase gives Thea Hail a pre-match pep talk and she goes from fired up to “not right”, because there’s no flag-bearer. DUKE HUDSON BURSTS THROUGH THE WALL LIKE THE KOOL-AID MAN AND MARCHES OUT HOLDING THE FLAG!

Kiana James vs. Thea Hail

James in control early with knees, an arm wringer, throwing her into the corner, Hail comes back with forearms! Neutralized with a knee, stepover armbreaker, cover for two! Top wristlock follows, Thea escapes with an arm drag, a lariat, a series of elbows, Stinger Splashes, a dropkick to the knee and a running blockbuster!

Thea up top, diving crossbody, Kiana catches her but Hail reverses to a small package! Mat slam, jumping reverse STO... Duke Hudson puts Thea’s foot on the ropes! Andre Chase lectures him and sends him to the back! James choking Hail in the ropes...

Kiana James wins by pinfall with a jumping reverse STO.

Post-match, Charlie Dempsey runs in and attacks but Duke Hudson makes the save!

Briggs and Jensen are interviewed backstage and talk about how Pretty Deadly’s time is running out, when the lady that Kiana James gave an envelope to rolls up and presents it to Fallon Henley, but we don’t really get to find out what was in it.

Odyssey Jones makes his entrance to send us to break.

Back from commercial, Bron Breakker and Wes Lee are chatting in the locker room when Robert Stone rolls up.

He says Bron cares more about winning the tag titles than defending his own, and he knows in his heart that he can take anybody on the NXT roster except for one guy, who’s bigger and stronger and his name is Von Wagner. Breakker says next time Von can face him face-to-face rather than sending his errand boy.

Javier Bernal vs. Odyssey Jones

Bernal looking for a waistlock but Jones swats him down! Senton atomico, Javi comes back targeting the leg with repeated elbow drops, kicked out of the ring and to the floor, back in, sleeper hold attempt, Odyssey shrugs him off and takes it to him...

Odyssey Jones wins by pinfall with a Bossman Slam.

We see Toxic Attraction walking backstage to send us to break.

Back from commercial, Toxic Attraction make their entrance for Mandy Rose’s one-year championship celebration.

Jacy Jayne starts off talking up Mandy’s year as champion, and Gigi Dolin says we all underestimated and mocked her but she’s shown that she’s superior to everyone in that locker room. They show off a video package they made to celebrate Mandy’s career.

Rose herself takes the mic and talks about how she was just a piece of eye candy to us for four years, and that’s why she came to NXT and now she and Toxic Attraction are on top and from merch sales to ratings, the numbers don’t lie. She says it feels good to be on her rightful throne and no one will be kicking her out of it.

Smoke fills the ring and Alba Fyre appears, cleaning house! Mandy bails and Fyre hits the KLR Bomb to put Dolin through a table! Alba calls Rose out and says she’s gonna win the title in two weeks.

Apollo Crews is interviewed backstage.

He talks up a singles match between himself and Bron Breakker as what everyone wants to see, but he’s not sure Bron is interested in it. He thought Breakker was a fighting champ but he’s gotta put his running shoes on to hunt him down.

Von Wagner rolls up and says he’s coming for the title first and he is the future and we go to break.

Back from commercial, we get another cryptic SCRYPTS video.

Indi Hartwell vs. Zoey Stark

Collar and elbow, in the ropes, off the ropes, shoulder block, shove, back to the lockup, off the ropes again! Shoulder block, Hartwell with a shoulder armbreaker and short-arm shoulder blocks, whip to the corner, Stark meets her with a back elbow and shoulder thrusts!

Zoey with a side headlock, whip to the corner, short whip, slinging her over and over and following it with a shoulder armbreaker of her own! Indi with bodyslams and a clothesline over the ropes and to the floor to send us to break!

Back from commercial, slugging it out, Hartwell knocks Stark to the apron and follows it up with an uppercut and a running boot for two! Zoey gets two of her own off a sliding kick, pressing the attack, superkick, slinging Indi out to the floor and smashing her into the announce table face-first a bunch of times!

Clearing the table over Nikkita Lyons’ protests, Stark wants to powerbomb Hartwell through the table but Lyons gets through to her! Back inside, Indi blasts her with a big boot...

Indi Hartwell wins by pinfall with a northern forearm.

We get another T-BAR vignette where he talks about unfinished business and a new order of justice and his authority.

Sanga is backstage with Valentina Feroz.

Wendy Choo wakes up behind them as Feroz asks if he’ll be in her corner tonight. Sanga says she’s very strong but he cannot go, and Veer Mahaan rolls up. He says here they take your kindness for weakness and says that’s why he’s here.

Cora Jade makes her entrance and we go to break.

Back from commercial I’m just a little late on my way back from the restroom and I miss a promo from the women’s tag team champions, where I assume they talk about how they’re going to win their rematch against Stark and Lyons, because that’s how these things go.

Cora Jade vs. Valentina Feroz

Action spilling almost immediately to the floor, Feroz running hot but Jade cuts her off hard when she tries to return to the ring! Cora pressing the attack, a nearfall off a hard elbow to the kidneys, stomping away, Valentina almost steals it with an inside cradle!

Whip across, Cora nails her with a senton...

Cora Jade wins by pinfall with a DDT.

Post-match, Jade taunts her and prods her with a kendo stick, but Wendy Choo runs down to make the save in her Snorlax onesie! Forearms and axehandles, Choo grabs the kendo stick and Cora runs for her life!

Tony D’Angelo and Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo are backstage when Elektra Lopez rolls up to tell them that she’s back and she’s undeniable.

Our challengers make their entrance and we go to break.

Bron Breakker & Wes Lee vs. Pretty Deadly (Elton Prince & Kit Wilson) (c) (NXT Tag Team Championship)

Lee and Wilson to start, Kit gets a wristlock, reversed, reversed back! Wes rolls around until he reverses it again, into a kneeling armbar, side headlock, Wilson shoots him off, sunset flip, cover for two! Arm drag into an armbar, Lee keeping control of the situation, tag to Breakker, off the ropes, drop toehold, standing moonsault!

Prince with a right hand, scary fingers, Bron turns and stares him down and he makes a break for it! Up and over, right hands, Breakker with a huge back body drop! Whip reversed, duck a lariat, running Elton over! Pretty Deadly with a double suplex attempt, the match breaks down, stereo Frankensteiners and the challengers stand tall as we go to break!

Back from commercial, Lee is flying, victory roll pin for two! Off the ropes, big dropkick, but Wilson tags in and gets a nearfall off a neckbreaker to keep Wes down. Prince with repeated elbow drops, Lee to the floor, ducking and dodging, back inside, tag to Breakker!

Bron in hot with shoulder blocks, spinning spinebuster! Corner lariat, up to the second, diving bulldog! Bron suplexes both champions and kips up! Tag to Lee, Rocket Launcher connects, superkick lays Kit out! Breakker slingshots Prince in, Lee up top, Carmelo Hayes runs in and shoves him down...

Pretty Deadly win by pinfall with a schoolboy pin from Kit Wilson Wes Lee to retain the NXT Tag Team Championship.

Post-match, Lee takes Hayes out with a tope con giro and brawls him up the aisle!

Von Wagner runs in and lays Breakker out with a boot,standing tall over the NXT Champion.

We see Apollo Crews watching backstage and the camera pans to reveal that JD McDonagh is right there.

He says Crews’ vision of being the man is gonna be tough to achieve, and he’ll see him around.

That’s the show, folks.

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