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IMPORTANT: Seth Rollins has blonde in his hair again

We like to have fun here at Cageside Seats dot com. In our humble opinion, it’s really the only way to cover the business of grown people “fighting” in their underwear or other costumes.

But sometimes, we have to discuss deadly serious and very important matters. Like the topic of this post...


It’s the look fans associate with Rollins’ developmental run, and his days in The Shield. And after he teased it on social media last week...

... CJ “Lana” Perry gave us a better look in one of several pics and videos she posted of Sheamus’ wedding over the weekend:

Fans at Sunday’s house show in Monterrey, Mexico got to see it in person:

Then last night (Oct. 31), the world got to see Rollins’ new/old look in action on Raw.

Online fan reaction to the return of the streak seemed to be mixed over the weekend, but most of what got posted last night was pro-blonde. It certainly hasn’t diminished the live reactions Seth’s been getting, where audiences chant his theme song and cheer his outrageous outfits and actions despite the fact he’s a heel.

Breaking out the highlights again could just be another over-the-top aspect of The Visionary’s unique look. But the fact he brought it back just as WWE starts celebrating the tenth anniversary of The Shield’s debut at Survivor Series 2012 does have some folks saying, “Hmmm.”

What’s your reaction to this very important development?

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