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The White Rabbit leads to Bray Wyatt’s epic return at Extreme Rules

WWE’s Twitter

It started three weeks ago, with WWE playing Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit” at arenas during commercial breaks and a house shows. Since then, we’ve been taken down a rabbit hole of clues and teases. And a few exceptions aside, those have all pointed to the return of Bray Wyatt. They’ve also pointed to Extreme Rules tonight (Oct. 8) in Philadelphia.

Throughout the broadcast, we got glimpses of the final video which premiered on last night’s SmackDown. But it wasn’t until after the main event that we got the payoff.

As Wyatt’s voice sang, “You’ve got the whole world in your hands,” the camera panned around Wells Fargo Center to people in rabbit suits, and other iconography that’s been associated with Wyatt over the years like Fiend masks and Firefly Fun House puppets. Another video played, with a distorted voice saying, “Who broke the world?” — a familiar theme from the White Rabbit teases. This time it answered, “We did.”

This all built to a glowing door on stage. It opened, and we saw a familiar lantern. A figure wearing a new mask stepped through, finally revealing himself to be Bray Wyatt.

They then cut to a drawing of a moth, and the broadcast ended.

Great payoff to phase one of Wyatt’s reintroduction. But there are still a ton of questions, like what this new manifestation of Bray’s characters this will be. And how it all works in the world of WWE.

We’ll deal with all that in the days and weeks to come. For now, we’ve let him in. Run.

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