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WWE Extreme Rules 2022 results: Ronda Rousey ends Liv Morgan’s title reign


Liv Morgan’s felt disrespected throughout her SmackDown Women’s title reign, especially in comparison to the wrestler she took the belt from — and has been feuding with for most it — Ronda Rousey. Getting the second spot in the line-up at Extreme Rules on Oct. 8 in Philadelphia probably didn’t help.

That was magnified in their Extreme Rules match. As she’s been boasting she would throughout the build, Rousey sought to show that she didn’t need any weapons. She also kept the champ away from them as she controlled the action in the early going. Eventually, Morgan was able to get her hands on a fire extinguisher. But even a blast of cold foam to the face didn’t stop Ronda’s assault, which led to a sequence where she whipped Liv with her judo belt and lit up her hind quarters with a baseball bat.

Morgan fought back, and looked like she might pull of another upset after she put Rousey through a table with a senton off the top.

But that and a powerbomb onto the broken table couldn’t keep Rowdy down for three. In the scramble that followed, Ronda showed off her submission skills. Liv didn’t tap, and she even passed out with a smile on her face. But she lost all the same.

This was pretty sloppy, with a few botches and Morgan’s chair attack during her comeback being particular lowlights. It also had the misfortune of following Sheamus & GUNTHER’s latest banger (Brawling Brute’s show-opening win over Imperium in a Donnybrook). But it was eventful, as we got the title change. Ronda Rousey proved her point about Liv, and is now a two-time SmackDown Women’s champion.

Let us know what you thought, and get complete WWE Extreme Rules results and coverage of every match on the card right here.

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