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WWE Extreme Rules 2022 results: Bianca Belair beats the odds to stay champ

Bayley’s been flanked by her Damage CTRL teammates Dakota Kai & IYO SKY since her return from injury at SummerSlam. But for her Ladder Match with Raw Women’s champion Bianca Belair at Extreme Rules tonight (Oct. 8) in Philadelphia, she entered alone. The WWE Women’s Tag champs would be a factor before it was over though...

The champ was the one in control early on, using her power to control the challenger. Ladders were in play, but mostly as weapons. It was by sunset flipping Belair into a ladder leaning in a corner that Bayley gained the upper hand.

Both wrestlers used the ladders as weapons, but Bayley sought to use part of her knee brace to finish it. The EST evaded that attack, and hit a KOD to clear a path to the belt hanging above the ring. Just as she reached the top of the ladder, though, Kai & SKY struck.

They sent Bianca crashing to the mat, but ended up being KOD-ed at the same time for their trouble. Bayley used the opening that created to hit a Rose Plant, and pin the champ under a ladder as she climbed. Belair proved she’s the Strong-EST by lifting the ladder to send Bayley crashing into the ropes. She recovered for a race to the top of another ladder, which gave us the usual shenanigans with Bianca’s braid. But it set up something I’ve never seen before, as the champ put Bayley on her shoulders along with the ladder she was holding... then hitting her finisher so that the Role Model landed on it.

Nothing stopped The EST’s climb after that. After a fun match, she’s still your Raw Women’s champion.

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