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WWE Extreme Rules 2022 predictions

WWE Extreme Rules is all set to take place tonight (Sat., Oct. 8, 2022) from the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It begins at 7:00 pm ET with the Kickoff show leading right on into the main course at 8:00 pm ET on Peacock in the U.S., WWE Network everywhere else, or your local cable pay-per-view provider.

Luckily for you Cagesiders, our staff of learned wrestling blowhards is here to help figure out just how the event is going to play out with predictions for each match on the card.

Let’s get to it.


SmackDown Women’s Championship Extreme Rules Match: Liv Morgan (c) vs. Ronda Rousey

Geno Mrosko: This match is definitely a match on this show. Yep. Pick: Ronda Rousey

Sean Rueter: Surviving Ronda is going to be the big achievement of Liv’s first(?) reign. She retains thanks to the involvement of whoever Rousey’s next rival is. Then we’ll see what her next program looks like. Pick: Liv Morgan

Kyle Decker: Liv’s title’s reign doesn’t really have any business surviving much longer. They could use the extreme rules stipulation to extend the life a bit longer, but they really shouldn’t. Pick: Ronda Rousey

Claire Elizabeth: I dunno y’all, Liv’s opponents keep tripping on rakes and she keeps winning. I feel like she’s got this one. Pick: Ronda Rousey

Cain A. Knight: It turns out that Liv Morgan is in over her head as champion. She’ll need Shayna Baszler or Charlotte Flair to get involved to pull this one out. Pick: Ronda Rousey

Marcus Benjamin: I don’t want to pick the person I’m picking but I also have eyes. And the writing is clearly on the wall for Liv Morgan. Watch her lose. Pick: Ronda Rousey

Raw Women’s Championship Ladder Match: Bianca Belair (c) vs. Bayley

Geno Mrosko: It seems as good a time as any to change the title, what with Damage CTRL holding the women’s tag team titles as well. Love me some factions holding all the gold. Pick: Bayley

Sean Rueter: Wouldn’t be surprised by either outcome, but let’s say they extend The EST’s reign with a win here. Then we’ll see what happens at Crown Jewel. Sensing a theme? Pick: Bianca Belair

Kyle Decker: Monday seemed to set up that Bianca isn’t going to have any back up after Alexa & Asuka took a beating. So the deck is really stacked against her. However, there are two women who are missing from the roster who can step up to fill that void and I think that happens tonight. Pick: Bianca Belair

Claire Elizabeth: I can’t help but think that if they really wanted Bayley to be champion, they’d have done the switch as part of her getting Bianca’s first pinfall loss in forever. Pick: Bianca Belair

Cain A. Knight: I think it’s time for a title change here with WarGames approaching for this feud to continue. Pick: Bayley

Marcus Benjamin: I’m agreeing with Cain on this one. I love Bianca. But a Bayley win here gives Damage CTRL more clout, more power, and puts them in a great position before Survivor Series. Pick: Bayley

Fight Pit Match: Seth Rollins vs. Matt Riddle

Geno Mrosko: You really can’t have Rollins come out of this a loser. Well, you can, but Riddle seems more in line for it. Pick: Seth Rollins

Sean Rueter: This feud’s leaned heavily toward the Drip God, so I’d normally say Riddle. But Seth feels like they guy they have bigger plans for as we head into the winter. And after he did the same honors for Cody Rhodes, maybe he’ll get to run the PLE table against the Original Bro. Pick: Seth Rollins

Kyle Decker: Riddle has gotta win one. And he really has to win the Fight Pit. I wonder if they have something in the works with Cormier to work a match with Seth F. Rollins to give the Architect something to do next. Pick: Matt Riddle

Claire Elizabeth: On one hand, the Fight Pit just blatantly screams a Matt Riddle victory. On the other hand, he’s the guy who just can’t quite get it done at this stage in his WWE career. I gotta think Seth will pull this one out in the end, y’all. Pick: Seth Rollins

Cain A. Knight: Seth is probably winning the United States title two nights later on Raw, so he can afford to lose this one. Pick: Matt Riddle

Marcus Benjamin: I’m still picking Seth. Matt Riddle is doing great work in this feud, as is Seth, but one of these men is moving on to bigger and better things. The other isn’t. Pick: Seth F. Rollins, please say the Rollins

I Quit Match: Edge vs. Finn Balor

Geno Mrosko: This seems to be the end of all this, right? That means the babyface goes over, right? Right?!? Pick: Edge

Sean Rueter: Dom and his Papi are gonna threaten to do something horrible to Beth and the girls, aren’t they? It’s hard being a Wife Guy, a Girl Dad, AND a pro wrestler. Pick: Finn Bálor

Kyle Decker: With rumors that Finn may be the benefactor of a big push, and the fact he really needs a win in general to keep Judgment Day strong, he should be the victor for him. I can also see Edge lobbying to take the L here. Pick: Finn Bálor

Claire Elizabeth: Edge is closer to the end of this comeback than the beginning, and it’s time to really start giving some dudes big signature wins they can crow about in promos for years to come. Make him quit, sweet prinxe! Pick: Finn Balor

Cain A. Knight: Edge said there’s no amount of physical pain that will cause him to quit. The means The Judgment Day (or Bray Wyatt?) will resort to mental and emotional torture by doing something terrible to Edge’s wife or children. Pick: Finn Balor

Marcus Benjamin: Edge was my pick before they put Finn in prime position these past few weeks. Not only is Finn my pick, but I believe AJ Styles is involved. Pick: Finn Balor

Strap Match: Drew McIntyre vs. Karrion Kross

Geno Mrosko: I feel like all signs point to Kross winning here, but something about the way this has gone down also gives me this nagging feeling McIntyre is going to win and then Kross is going to go scorched Earth after. Protect everyone and all that. Pick: Drew McIntyre

Sean Rueter: You don’t bring him back period, let alone roll him out as carefully as Triple H & team have, just to repeat the mistakes of the past. Pick: Karrion Kross

Kyle Decker: Karrion Kross has to win his first legit match on the main roster as this version of himself. Pick: Karrion Kross

Claire Elizabeth: A strap match. A strap match. I just... it’s a lot better than the gladiator stuff but there’s still so much about the way that Kross is presented that I just do not understand, up to and including the grand idea for his first PPV match to be a strap match of all things. Anyway, management is behind him this time, so tick tock, I guess. Pick: Karrion Kross

Cain A. Knight: This is Karrion’s first big match since returning to WWE and it’s not against Jeff Hardy, so the winner is clear. Pick: Karrion Kross

Marcus Benjamin: After bringing him back in such a dramatic way, Karrion Kross has to get the W here. If not, it was all for nothing. Pick: Karrion Kross

Good Old Fashioned Donnybrook Match: Imperium vs. The Brawling Brutes

Geno Mrosko: You’d think they would give the Brutes the win after what went down on SmackDown but there are winners and there are losers in the one true sport and Imperium damn sure aren’t the latter. Pick: Imperium

Sean Rueter: Hey. Hey Cageside Seats. It’s... FIGHT NIGHT BABY! Pick: The Brawling Brutes

Kyle Decker: Makes sense that the team of the loser last night wins tonight to set up one more. Pick: Brawling Brutes

Claire Elizabeth: Gonna be the best match on the card, and that’s all that matters. After GUNTHER retained, Sheamus and the boys are gonna be hungry to give ‘em a receipt. Pick: Brawling Brutes

Cain A. Knight: I don’t think the Brutes should lose their specialty match type. Pick: The Brawling Brutes

Marcus Benjamin: The Brutes want revenge for what happened at NXT. They get it here. Pick: Brawling Brutes

That’s how we see the card playing out.

How about you?

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