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There’s a White Rabbit walking around in the crowd at SmackDown

Hey, another one of these:

WWE then aired another teaser for the white rabbit during Friday Night SmackDown this week, one that made clear we’re finally going to learn what it’s all about one way or another at Extreme Rules:

I think my man Sean is glad he won’t have to deal with deciphering clues anymore, even as they’ve been pretty clear all along that it’s for Bray Wyatt. And if it’s not, well, they’ll have to deal with plenty of fallout from it.

Meanwhile, there’s an actual big ass white rabbit just casually walking around in the crowd during SmackDown in Worcester:

Some have pointed out that’s a familiar looking scarf worn by a character in the Firefly Fun House. The white rabbit character.


They’ve gone all out with this story and we’ll finally see its conclusion in Philadelphia.


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