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Jimmy Smith reacts to his exit from WWE

A short while ago, WWE announced major changes to their commentary teams on Raw, SmackDown, and NXT. As part of that shakeup in the broadcast booth, Jimmy Smith is no longer the play-by-play man on Raw. In fact, he’s gone from the company altogether.

Smith reacted to the news by confirming he is done with WWE, and thanking the fans for accepting him.

“Just wanted to say, now that the story is officially out, that my time with the WWE is officially done. Had a lot of fun and met some great people. Really and truly blown away by the acceptance from the WWE fans! You folks make it work every week and your enthusiasm was amazing!”

As someone who doesn’t watch much MMA, I barely knew anything about Jimmy Smith before he joined WWE. The main thing I knew is that he was not Adnan Virk. It only took one episode of Raw in May 2021 for me to see that Smith would do fine in the role as Raw’s lead announcer. I’m definitely surprised to see him go so abruptly.

How do you feel about Jimmy Smith’s departure from WWE, Cagesiders?

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