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WWE hires former Marvel, Disney writer as ‘Director of Longterm Creative’

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WWE’s brought an interesting person on board, and in an interesting new position.

Fightful Select is reporting, and PWInsider confirming, that Rob Fee was officially hired as the ‘Director of Longterm Creative’ this week. He’ll officially start in that job this month, but he’s already been working on the “White Rabbit” story that’s been driving the internet crazy for the last few weeks.

That title gets right at a complaint of many adult and long-time wrestling fans: that under Vince McMahon, WWE was too often booked moment-to-moment with no thought given to how the latest moment would impact wrestlers and storylines moving forward. Fee’s job would seem to be to address that.

Fee’s background is also intriguing. His LinkedIn profile (where he also confirms his new job) says he’s worked as a producer with stars like Will Smith, Ellen DeGeneres, and Ryan Reynolds, written more than 100 episodes of the Disney XD series PLAYER SELECT, and is a “horror writer” for Marvel Comics. I’ve been a member of the Merry Marvel Marching Society since I was just a young smark, and I’m not familiar with Fee’s work, but does say he’s got some Spider-Man & Avengers one-off books to his credit.

Also worth noting, since we’ve heard in the past that WWE doesn’t like hiring people who are pro wrestling fans? Fee’s one of us. Or he was doing a really good impersonation when he wrote this article titled, “Shed Your Shame: Why Everyone Should Just Admit They Love Professional Wrestling” back in 2015.

Fightful also says Fee pitched “a Fiend-related movie” to WWE last year shortly before Bray Wyatt’s release. Combine that with his work on the “White Rabbit” stuff, and Fee might be the person we end up praising or blaming if "the Bray Wyatt character" remains “difficult to work with” if/when Windham Rotunda returns.


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