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Bayley’s out here dunking on children

When Bayley went down with a torn ACL last year, it didn’t seem like there was any way she’d be able to remain a heel when she returned. Fans and wrestlers alike flooded social media with well-wishes, and stories about what a great friend & mentor she is. Surely, Bayley’s return would be met with the kind of ovation Triple H got at Madison Square Garden when he returned from injury back in 2002, right?

Then, if we told you Bayley would return with two NXT favorites fans have been longing to see on the main roster — including one who’d left the company because it seemed like the old WWE regime didn’t see her as main roster material? A trio of Bayley, Dakota Kai, and the wrestler we now know as IYO SKY would be cheered for sure!

Damage CTRL isn’t getting Dominik Mysterio heat or anything, but the hero’s welcome we figured Bayley would get hasn’t materialized. Some of that is because the current WWE leadership has wisely booked her squad opposite popular babyfaces, and had Damage CTRL do crappy things to them.

But some of it is because Bayley is COLD AS ICE.

Case in point...

And as she proved during her contract signing with Bianca Belair on Raw last night (Oct. 3), she’s more than willing to go after her long-time fans!

Not sure I want to live in a WWE Universe where Bayley & Izzy are feuding...

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