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Raw’s ‘White Rabbit’ clues continue to point to Bray Wyatt, Extreme Rules

As we’ve come to expect from WWE’s “White Rabbit” chase, the QR code displayed during the Oct. 3 episode of Raw was chock full of clues and symbols. Probably more than even the internet sleuths who dissect and analyze each one as soon as they show up have found!

The big takeaway is that last night’s puzzle definitely points to Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Center, the site of Saturday’s Extreme Rules premium live event. So whether you’ve loved or hated this mystery, it’s almost over.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

The latest QR code appeared a few times during last night’s broadcast, and they all seemed to be when Bianca Belair was on-screen... which could explain part of the voicemail that was buried in the clues from last Friday’s SmackDown. It took us to a page on WWE’s website ( which gives us several things:

1. This painting of Samson and Delilah...

... which is another version of the Bible story Bray Wyatt referenced in this tweet after Alexa Bliss betrayed him at WrestleMania 37...

For those unfamiliar with the tale, Samson was chosen by God to liberate Israel from the Philistines, and granted great strength with which to do so. Delilah's a Philistine he fell in love with, but she’d been bribed by her people to discover the source of his strength. Once she convinced him to reveal that it’s his unshorn head (aka his hair), she cut it off and he was imprisoned. When it started to grow back, God returned his strength and he was able to destroy the temple where he was kept, killing himself and everyone inside.

Some users reported that when they scanned the QR code on their mobile device, they got an image of Samson pulling down the pillars of the temple.

Google the numbers in that picture, and this is the first image that comes up:

Which just seems like another White Rabbit reference, but I’m sure someone will have a deeper read. In the meantime, maybe Alexa Bliss should watch her back?

2. Farther down the page, there’s this Magic Eye 3D illusion...

... which contains the code “MTA4MjI”. Put that into a Base64 binary to text decoder, and you get “10822”, or Oct. 8, 2022, the date of Extreme Rules.

3. There’s also hidden text in Yautja, which everyone knows is the fictional language spoken by the alien hunters from the Predator movie franchise. Translating that takes us back to the Dante’s Inferno quote referenced in the last set of clues.

We still haven’t gotten to Bray’s favorite line from that passage, “Abandon all hope you who enter here.” But it’s probably coming. Maybe in Klingon?

4. Hovering over the Samson & Delilah painting gives you half a set of coordinates, “751720w”. The full coordinates for Philly’s Wells Fargo Center are “399012n, 751720w”.

5. The binary in the web address spells out “GACY”, which could be an attempt to point to NXT’s Joe Gacy being the Rabbit (it’s totally Bray Wyatt). Or, just as Friday pointed us to this being revealed while The EST was on Raw, this could be telling us another clue will come while Gacy is on-screen during NXT tonight.

It’s a lot, and it’s becoming increasingly clear what it’s leading to. And if Bray Wyatt doesn’t show up Saturday night, it might make the reaction Philadelphia gave Roman Reigns at Royal Rumble 2015 seem polite.

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