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The Honorary Uce is out here Superman punching fools on WWE house shows

On Sept. 23, Roman Reigns made Sami Zayn an Honorary Uce and official member of The Bloodline.

It was a great moment, but it hasn’t been all smooth sailing since. Things have never been worse between Sami & Jey Uso, and that rift may cause the entire Bloodline to split if Sami can’t get Jey acting Ucey again so they can achieve the peace their Tribal Chief demands.

After a tense scene on SmackDown, things were looking up when Zayn offered to take Rikishi’s boys to their favorite restaurant... his treat.

But I don’t know if any of his dawgs will be saying “Yeet” after Sami used Reigns’ moves against Braun Strowman in his trios match with the Tag champs against The Monster Among Men & The New Day in Glasgow this weekend...

... especially since they eventually lost the match when Strowman countered his follow-up Spear attempt with a powerbomb.

Anybody know if they have Waffle Houses in Scotland?

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