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Jimmy Uso has nothing but good things to say about Ava Raine’s WWE NXT debut

The hounds at TMZ caught up with Jimmy Uso to ask about Ava Raine making her debut on NXT TV this past week. He had nothing but good things to say about her:

“Shouts out to her, you know what I’m saying? Any way the family can get it, I’m all for it. I’m ready to see what she do. I’m ready for her to pop off and represent The Bloodline. Either way, whether it’s down there or up on the main roster, I’m with it, man, I’m all for it.”

When asked how much support she has, Jimmy made it very clear:

“Come on, man. You already know, man. We all family, we all look out for her. I’m sure she’s got the whole squad on her side, the whole family. Her dad, us, the cousins, I’m sure if she reaches out we got her.”

He wouldn’t commit to answering any questions regarding Raine actually joining The Bloodline one day but did make sure to say Schism is “throwing up the twos.” Hey, gotta keep it kayfabe on some of this, right?

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