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GUNTHER isn’t the only member of Imperium who got themself in great shape

As part of a process that included starting (or at least going public with) a relationship, moving to the United States, and getting a new nom de ring, GUNTHER’s gotten himself in fantastic shape.

The reigning WWE Intercontinental champion’s body transformation has been such a dramatic change, it seems to have overshadowed the equally impressive done by his long-time friend and stablemate, Ludwig Kaiser.

Kaiser called our attention to his losses (body fat) and gains (lean, mean muscle) on Twitter over the weekend. The 32 year old from Pinneberg, Germany posted a current picture of himself next to one from when he still went by Marcel Barthel during his 2020 NXT Tag title run.

Seems the Imperium boys weren’t content to let Fabian Aichner/Giovanni Vinci be the the heartthrob of the group.

Joke aside, Kaiser’s new physique is every bit as impressive as GUNTHER’s. And they’ll need to in shape to help Der Ring General keep his Intercontinental title on Friday when he again faces Sheamus. Or maybe GUNTHER & squad will be putting that muscle to work gunning for bigger prizes... like maybe some of the gold (and silver) The Bloodline carries around?

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