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Bayley on WWE adding a secondary women’s championship

Earlier this month, Raquel Rodriguez was publicly campaigning for WWE to introduce a secondary women’s championship, going so far as to say it could be happening and it could be happening sooner rather than later. There’s been nothing from the company to indicate that could be the case, but it’s a new landscape with Triple H in charge of creative.

The woman who is next to challenge for the Raw women’s championship, Bayley, was asked by Sportskeeda about the possibility of the promotion adding a secondary title and had this to say:

“I mean, it wouldn’t hurt! It would be nice to have another title but I think it’s just gonna take time. You know, when we wanted those Women’s tag team titles it took a long time, and it took someone actually fighting for them. So, if that’s what we want someone has to stand up for it and really fight for it and prove that it’s going to be a benefit to the division.”

Women get a lot more time on WWE television than they used to, but do they get enough to support another title? Sasha Banks and Naomi left in part because the tag team titles weren’t getting the proper treatment. Would things be any different with the new leadership with another title thrown in?

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