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Let’s read too much into this Sasha Banks tweet

The pro wrestling world certainly seems relatively happy with the job Triple H is doing with WWE since taking over creative following the resignation of Vince McMahon. He’s brought back plenty of wrestlers who had previously been released by the company, many of whom fans wanted to stick around.

But what about wrestlers who haven’t been released but walked out and haven’t appeared since?

The latest word on Sasha Banks came recently, with the Wrestling Observer saying negotiations have seemingly hit a snag on a new deal and there’s no word on when she’ll return. But rumors have indeed persisted that eventually she, along with her tag team partner who departed with her, Naomi, will indeed be back.

Because of that, fans are reading far too much into this tweet:

Let’s be real, it’s hard not to read too much into that. Banks has to know that’s the response it’s going to get as well. Just look underneath it! Fans really, really want her to return.

To that end, we hope the rumors are true too.

At least those rumors.

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