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Who had the best costume in NXT’s Women’s Halloween Battle Royal?

There are a few reasons to be glad NXT is running house shows in Florida (aka “the Coconut Loop”) again. Chief among them is that as the brand has recommitted to its developmental mission, there’s no substitute for getting reps in front of live crowds.

But as Spooky SZN winds to a close, there’s another one... the return of NXT’s Halloween Battle Royals!

Last night (Oct. 28), the women dressed up and tried to throw each other out of the ring in Melbourne. Here’s a rundown of most of the participants, and who/what they were supposed to be:

Cora Jade as AJ Lee
Roxanne Perez as Bayley
Wendy Choo as a sumo wrestler
Indi Hartwell was Alex Vause (Laura Prepon’s Orange is the New Black character)
Valentina Ferroz as a (sexy, naturally) nurse
Thea Hail as Andre Chase
Sloane Jacobs as Poison Ivy
Zoey Stark as Triple H
Jacy Jayne as Taker
Gigi Dolin as Chucky
Sol Ruca & Dani Palmer as Dr Evil & Mini Me
Ivy Nile wore a Purge mask (we think?)
Tiana Caffey seemed to be a member of dance troop Jabbawockeez
The debuting Valerie Loureda as Lola Bunny
Jakara Jackson as Jessica Rabbit
Lash Legend as a cat
Anna Keefer as an 80s girl (maybe?)
Sarah Baer as Harley Quinn
Lea Mitchell as Supergirl

The first two have gotten most of the attention, including from the mentors they were cosplaying as:

Were they the best ones, though?

Nikkita as Jen Walters is good casting, and I’m impressed how Lyons’ costume actually seems to evoke the Disney+ show’s rushed CGI:

jjdickey23’s Twitter

The Toxic Attraction duo look pretty good, even if Dolin is infringing on Liv Morgan’s gimmick...

For my money, though? You don’t even need to be a Chase U grad to see that there was a clear winner...

Now that’s a teachable moment.

A search of the #NXTMelbourne hashtag and NXT’s various social media accounts will give you a look at most of the costumes. Let us know which one was your favorite, and we’ll see if the guys give us their version in Winter Haven tonight.

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