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Here’s the latest on Sasha Banks returning to WWE

Marvel Studios’ “Black Panther 2: Wakanda Forever” Premiere Photo by Frazer Harrison/GA/The Hollywood Reporter via Getty Images

We figured Sasha Banks’ WWE return wasn’t exactly imminent. As we’ve been reminded multiple times lately, Mercedes Varnado is BUSY.

But with Triple H in charge and her love of wrestling and all the friends she has at the company, those reports she & Naomi would be back at some point have to have been on to something... right?

This week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter offers mixed news on Banks & WWE. Dave Meltzer writes:

She is still under contract to WWE but there is no word on when she’ll return as there were said to be hang-ups in negotiations for a new deal.

It’s not clear what these “hang-ups” are. Does Sasha still have creative concerns even though the person or persons she had differences of opinion with are gone? Are they (understandably given her other endeavors and apsirations) haggling over her wrestling schedule? Where does Naomi, whose contract was reportedly closer to expiring when she & Banks walked out back in May, fit in these discussions?

We didn’t say we had answers! But the fact the two sides have been talking has to be a positive sign... right?

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