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WWE SmackDown results, live blog (Oct. 28, 2022): Open challenge

WWE Friday Night SmackDown comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Oct. 28, 2022) with a live show emanating from Enterprise Center in St. Louis, Missouri, featuring all the latest build to the upcoming Crown Jewel event scheduled for early next month in Saudi Arabia.

Advertised for tonight: Ronda Rousey will defend the SmackDown women’s championship in an open challenge.

Tonight’s card also features the return of WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns, Hit Row and a mystery partner vs. Legado Del Fantasma, The Brawling Brutes (Butch and Ridge Holland) vs. The Bloodline (Solo Sikoa and Sami Zayn), and much more!

Come right back here at 8 pm ET when the SmackDown live blog kicks off once the show starts on FS1. It will be below this line here. (Note: Links to illegal streams are prohibited. Pics and GIFs are allowed.)


Blasting through your mind, breaking to your hands and feet. There’s nothing like the feeling when the sound is getting wild. You’re jumping up and dancing on the seats, but me? I’m just here to liveblog this here pro wrestling show, folks.

The show opens with commentary welcoming us to the show.

We see the Bloodline in the locker room and Sami Zayn tells Jey Uso that tonight is all hands on deck, Roman Reigns isn’t here yet, and the first thing he needs to see when he gets here is a victory. A couple weeks ago Jey helped him with Kofi Kingston and he asks him to bring that energy tonight, and Uso gets fired up.

Brawling Brutes (Pete “Butch” Dunne & Ridge Holland) vs. the Bloodline (Sami Zayn & Solo Sikoa)

Zayn and Dunne to start, collar and elbow, into the corner and Sami comes out of the break with a boot! Headlock, shot off, drop down, leapfrog, drop down, shoulder block! Pete with an arm wringer, tag to Holland, working Zayn’s arms! Off the ropes, big hip toss, quick tags as the Brutes try to get him off-balance!

Sikoa tags in and takes Butch out, big leg drop, quick tag but Pete puts Sami to the floor and clocks him with a knee! Solo takes him out with a northern forearm and we go to break!

Back from commerical, Sikoa is beating Dunne down, Samoan Drop reversed into a DDT and both men are down and out! Tags made, Holland in hot with shoulder blocks, fired up, corner lariats! Kick sets up a Samoan Drop but Ridge kicks out! Sami and Pete back and forth, reversals, and Butch gets an inverted cloverleaf but Jimmy Uso runs interference and Zayn gets a deep two off the distraction!

Exploder suplex into the turnbuckles, sidestep the Helluva Kick, and Pete’s got an opening in front of him! Jey Uso pulls Sami out of the ring, Zayn yells at him, they bicker, Solo takes Dunne out and tries to play peacemaker as referee Ryan Tran counts... RIDGE BOWLS EVERYBODY OVER!

Back inside, beat the count, Dunne catches him...

Brawling Brutes win by pinfall with a small package from Pete Dunne on Sami Zayn.

Post-match, the Bloodline bicker until Roman Reigns makes his entrance and we go to break.

Back from commercial, the Bloodline are in the ring, cowed and anxious, as Paul Heyman hands Roman Reigns a microphone.

He gets on the mic and demands St. Louis acknowledge him.

Now he needs to acknowledge the elephant in the room. He says if you’re gonna act like kids, he’ll treat you like kids, and he doesn’t believe in airing the backstage in the ring, but he says they can’t do that, so he wants them to put it all on the table, let it all out, because he wants the problem fixed, right now.

Sami says he’s the first to admit that there’s a communication breakdown with Jey Uso and he doesn’t understand what’s happening. He likes Jey, he’s always liked him, they’ve always got along, but ever since he started hanging out with the Bloodline, he hates him?

Everybody else is fine, and he doesn’t know what he did to offend him, but he’s sorry and he doesn’t want this to keep going on like this and he just wants to be cool and bury the hatchet once and for all. He extends a hand and Uso tells him he’s got two seconds to get it out of his face.

He doesn’t like him, he doesn’t like his hair or his face or the shirt he wears or him being around his family every week like he’s part of the Bloodline when he ain’t blood. Newsflash, Zayn never will be blood and he’ll never belong, and Jey’s the only one willing to say he’s a fake-ass Uce.

The difference between them is Jey sheds blood for his family, but this isn’t Sami’s family, and is he willing to shed blood? Sami tells him he’s just trying to make peace because the Tribal Chief asked him to, and Uso says he doesn’t give a damn what the Tribal Chief says.

This wakes Roman up and he slowly turns to confront his cousin. Sami tries to tell Reigns that Jey didn’t mean that, he’s been through a lot and he just hasn’t been himself lately, he just hasn’t been very Ucey. Jey has a look on his face like he doesn’t like it but he’s gonna go with it if it keeps his cousin off his back.

Roman asks if that’s really the problem, that he’s not feeling Ucey? He gives Jey an awkward shoulder hug and pulls him in, saying if he can’t find his inner Ucey again, he’s gonna do something he’s not gonna like. So here’s what’s gonna happen— he’s gonna take the “honorary” away and he’s gonna make Sami a full-blown Uce.

If Jey doesn’t figure it out, he’s gonna change his name to Sami Uso! Zayn is *delighted* at this turn of events, let me tell you! Paul Heyman takes over to end the segment in a very meta style, saying that we’ve come to the end of the segment and to watch Roman Reigns defend the title against Logan Paul at Crown Jewel.

And so we go to break.

Back from commercial, New Day get an inset promo where they say they’re gonna help the male models debut their Getting Pinned collection.

Maximum Male Models (Mace & Mansoor) vs. New Day (Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods)

Mansoor and Woods to start, little bit of mat grappling and then it’s pose time and the model blows Xavier a kiss. Wristlock, back and forth, quick tags, Maxxine Dupri running interference and the models cut Woods off! Back and forth, Xavier gets away, tag to Kofi and he’s in with a diving brain chop!

More chops, leaping lariat, Boom Drop, tag made, backbreaker...

New Day win by pinfall with Midnight Hour on Mansoor.

Sonya Deville is interviewed backstage.

She won’t answer if she’s going to answer Ronda Rousey’s open challenge because it’d ruin the surprise, but Liv Morgan won’t answer it because she got murdered by evil doll Chucky she got beat once and she doesn’t have the guts—

Liv Morgan comes chugging down to blindside Sonya and beat her up until referees and road agents separate them and send us to break!

Back from commercial, Braun Strowman cuts a promo.

He says no matter who you are there’s someone bigger and stronger, and yes, Omos is bigger, but is he stronger? Has he ever flipped over a tractor trailer? He’s gonna find out real quick that there’s no giant too big for the monster of all monsters.

Ronda Rousey makes her entrance for her open challenge and gets on the mic.

She says the belt is back where it belongs and she’s of a mind to prove it with an open challenge and says it’s super impressive that she defends the title on a moment’s notice like this. Greatness recognizes greatness, and we’re all too mediocre to see what we’re looking at.


Emma vs. Ronda Rousey (c) (WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship)

Collar and elbow, into the corner, Rousey piefaces her to the mat! Emma with a schoolboy attempt, no dice, Ronda kicks her to the floor! Back up on the apron, Tarantula staggers the champion, off the top, diving crossbody for two! Boot up in the corner, pulling Emma to the apron, front chancery into knee lifts.

Back inside, cutthroat Chikara Special, Emma reverses into mounted punches! Side kick gets a knee gets a lariat and both women are down and out! Whip across, duck a lariat, Emma with a tilt-a-whirl side Russian legsweep... NOPE! Rousey with an ankle lock, roll out of it, duck a roundhouse kick, wheelbarrow German suplex connects!

Fired up, Emmamite Sandwich, underhooks but Ronda blocks! Piper’s Pit blocked, rake the eyes, fireman’s carry into Piper’s Pit! Grabbing the arm, falling back...

Ronda Rousey wins by submission with her armbar to retain the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship.

Backstage, Jey Uso is arguing with Paul Heyman in front of Roman Reigns’ locker room.

Heyman says sometimes it’s better for Roman to hear things from his Wiseman, and he’s gonna go talk to Roman for Jey.

Legado del Fantasma make their entrance, interrupted by a Bray Wyatt bumper before we go to break.

Back from commercial, Ronda Rousey runs into Shayna Baszler to celebrate her win.

Natalya rolls up to call Rousey lucky and claim that she’d have won if she got the open challenge, but Baszler blindsides her and chokes her out.

Hit Row make their entrance and B-FAB gets on the mic to introduce their mystery partner.

She says Legado don’t want to fight to their faces, but they’ve got friends in high places... it’s Shinsuke Nakamura!

Wild beatdown before the bell while B-FAB holds court and Zelina Vega looks on, confident in her boys’ ability to hold their own. Babyfaces clear the ring, Good Vibrations on Escobar! B-FAB lays a pump kick in on Vega and we go to break before the match can actually begin!

Hit Row (Ashante “Thee” Adonis & Top Dolla) & Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Legado del Fantasma (Cruz del Toro, Joaquin Wilde, & Santos Escobar)

Back from commercial, match is in progress and Del Toro is working Adonis over with a Cobra Clutch. Quick tags, heat segment rolling, hot tag to Nakamura! Cleaning house, boot up in the corner, hang him up, sliding German suplex takes Escobar out! Black Magic roundhouse, tag to Dolla!

Top catches Cruz into a fireman’s carry, Wilde up front, World’s Strongest Slam / Wasteland combination! Santos cuts him off right after, Dolla off the top with a brain chop! Shinsuke tags in, cued right up...

Hit Row & Shinsuke Nakamura win by pinfall with Kinshasa from Nakamura on Cruz del Toro.

In his locker room, Paul Heyman shows Roman Reigns footage of boxers sparring.

Reigns asks why we’re watching and Heyman says it just takes one lucky punch. Roman says Logan Paul isn’t going to hit one punch. Paul tells a story of being at synagogue with a doctor who knows a doctor who knows Logan’s doctor that he once broke his hand and he had to have steel pins installed.

Roman says Logan has had two matches, to which Heyman says Brock Lesnar won the UFC Championship in his third fight. Paul realizes his mistake and backpedals until he decides to leave and go fire up the jet.

And so we go to break.

Back from commercial, LA Drake is interviewed backstage.

Ricochet rolls up before he can say anything of substance, telling him he might get a warmer reception if he didn’t act like god’s gift to SmackDown. Around here when someone’s head grows as big as his does, someone else is likely to knock it around. Knight tells him he is god’s gift to SmackDown, actually, and Ricochet tells him someone is going to shut his mouth.

Karrion Kross vs. Madcap Moss

Moss in control early, Kross bails to the floor to regroup and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Kross has found his groove, lariats and elbows and stomps in the corner, big lariat for two! Pressing the attack but Moss won’t stay down, Scarlett getting frustrated at ringside, straight suplex for two and then a cross armbar but Madcap scrambles and gets the ropes!

Karrion hangs on for the full five-count, Moss blocks the Saito with elbows and hard right hands, off the ropes with a lariat! More lariats and he’s fired up! Shoulder blocks in the corner, Scarlett runs interference and Kross lays him out! Saito suplex connects, following it up...

Karrion Kross wins by pinfall with a northern forearm.

Post-match, Kross locks the Krossjacket on and gets on the mic to tell Drew McIntyre that Moss put up a better fight than he did, because he’s not a coward or a hypocrite, and Drew stands for nothing but his own ambitions, and he’s gonna regret being locked inside of a cage with him come Crown Jewel.

Karrion refuses to let go of the hold until Madcap is well and truly unconscious!

We see Bray Wyatt hanging out in a creepy room and we go to break.

Back from commercial, commentary hypes up the Crown Jewel card.

Rey Mysterio is interviewed backstage.

He talks about how thankful he is to be back on SmackDown and challenging for the Intercontinental Championship— IMPERIUM BLINDSIDE HIM AND GUNTHER LAYS HIM OUT WITH A CHOP!

Bray Wyatt makes his entrance and gets on the mic.

He says this is still new to him but he could get used to the energy, like adrenaline! He won’t lie, when the chants start he feels invulnerable, like he’s got to do something wild, but he really wanted us to see something that he’s very proud of. Right now it’s just him and us, no mask or smoke and mirrors.

This is Bray Wyat the real man, the best version of him that will ever be, and he’s proud to be here today and he’ll do some spectacular things while he’s here. Truth is, for the majority of his life he’s been completely out of control, and he can’t help that. His emotions don’t work like other people’s, and sometimes they send him to very dark places.

And other times, no matter how hard he tries, he feels nothing at all. That’s part of what makes him him, and to get where he is he’s had to do horrible things, and part of him is glad that he’s been able to do these horrible things, but that’s not the end of it.

He knows he’ll be faced with adversity and asked to do something horrible. A figure appears on the tron, asking who he is and purporting to be the ghost of the man who sold the world. He says Bray killed the world and sent Him away, and that’s why he’s unsure of what he once was.

He should revel in what he was, but he’s a liar, and it’s become plain that he does wear a mask, and he can never hide from him, his Uncle Howdy.

That’s the show, folks.

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