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Liv Morgan plays herself, still gets brutally murdered by Chucky

When we heard Liv Morgan would be guest-starring on the Child’s Play spin-off series Chucky, we assumed Gionna Daddio (Morgan’s real name) would play a character on an episode the USA/SyFy series.

Instead, the former SmackDown Women’s champion appeared as herself/her WWE persona. Liv was Chucky’s guest on his talk show that sometimes frames episodes of the show. It’s a generally meta affair, and the Oct. 26 episode was especially meta (and not only with regards to the Chucky horror franchise — this one also winks to the neo-noir film Bound that launched the careers of Matrix auteurs the Wachowskis by bringing in Gina Gershon and Joe Pantoliano to play fictionalized versions of themselves opposite series regular Jennifer Tilly, her real-life sister Meg, and Sutton Stracke of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fame).

Morgan talks through the episode’s murder mystery plot with everyone’s favorite serial killer-possessed Good Guys doll in interstitial scenes, while wearing her Chucky-inspired ring gear, of course. Then at the end of the episode, they reference Liv’s frequently stated desire to be killed by the show’s star. To make her dream come true, and because he hasn’t lobbed all of the f-bombs he’s allotted for each episode yet, Chucky repeatedly stabs Morgan in the guts.

Here’s a supercut of all Liv’s scenes, for however long it lasts. You know, so you can WATCH HER.

Who says dreams don’t come true?

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