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Who the hell is Scrypts?

During this week’s episode of NXT TV, we got yet another mysterious, weird, spooky gimmick segment. Oh yes, WWE is overwhelmed with this kind of thing lately and showing no signs of slowing down with it anytime soon.

The latest is an entity known as “Scrypts,” who called the WWE Performance Center and left a spooky message in the form of a ... poem?

“Let go of all your pain,

washing away your deepest fears.

Listen with your eyes,

speaking with your ears.

Awaken from the pits you call the dark,

opening up to my soliloquy is just the start.

Watch as I come and leave my mark,

As I plan to rip all of NXT apart.”

Sincerely, Scrypts

There’s no telling who this is for, but, really, does it matter? Does a weird voice making apparent phone calls to the WWE PC to recite bad poetry do it for you?

Anyway, here are all the videos from NXT this week:

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