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Ava Raine debuts in NXT ... as a member of The Schism

Just days ago, Joe Gacy was promising to reveal the mystery member of The Schism during this week’s episode of NXT TV. He did just that, though it was clear from the outset that we were in for a surprise, considering the mystery member was wearing what appeared to be a dress.

When the mask came off, it was a face many have been waiting to see:

“The love and acceptance The Schism has given me, defies any preconceived notions of who I’m supposed to be. This family completes me. I am Ava Raine.”

Ava Raine is Simone Johnson, daughter of The Rock. It’s entirely unfair to her, of course, that she will have to live in that shadow for a time, but it is a reality of the situation, as many others have had to deal with before her. To that end, we’ve seen stars rise to the occasion and become just that.

Now we’ll get to see if Raine will join those ranks. It starts now.

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