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Bayley paid tribute to Sasha Banks again on Raw last night

Does it mean anything?

Back in August, we were hearing that the new WWE regime was working to bring Sasha Banks & Naomi back. The pair were suspended & stripped of the Women’s Tag titles when they walked out back in May over creative differences with the company’s former leaders, and before Vince McMahon’s resignation it seemed they were done with WWE. But under Triple H & Stephanie McMahon, everyone expected a comeback from the Boss ‘n’ Glow duo.

As the weeks pass though, it’s not clear what’s going on. We’ve heard no new reports on Naomi & Sasha’s status, and seen signs they’re still planning for careers that don’t include WWE.

Because of all that, I’m inclined to think that Bayley slapping a Bank Statement-like crossface on Bianca Belair during their match on Raw last night (Oct. 24) then using her Instagram Story (and a great early 90s slow jam) to call attention to how it was in recognition of the anniversary of her 2020 Hell in a Cell classic with Banks...

... is just a case of Bayley missing her friend and being proud of their work together (with a side of enjoying working the internet). Especially since she did something similar for the anniversary of their game-changing TakeOver: Brooklyn encounter back in August:

There’s never a bad time to remember how special it is when Bayley & Banks shared a ring, especially since it seems like it might be a while before we see it happen again.

And hey, if it helps you keep a light on for Naomi & Sasha — that’s great too.

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