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This selfie shot of Mustafa Ali taking out Austin Theory is the best thing you’ll see today

As a long-time Mustafa Ali fan, I’m still being cautious with my optimism regarding his current usage on Raw.

But since feeling good about Ali’s place in WWE never required that he be booked to win championships* or main event shows, but instead just that he be given opportunities to perform as a part of meaningful storylines — I’m feeling less cautious and more optimistic with every week he remains a part of the United States championship program.

Last night (Oct. 24), that story used Ali as the babyface dealing with both U.S. champ Seth Rollins and Mr. Money in the Bank Austin Theory. Rollins helped Theory pick up a win over Mustafa, but Ali stood tall in a post-match brawl with the champ.

Even better, when Ali made one of his comebacks against All Day in the match, it came while Theory was preening in a selfie videos. Which means we got this AMAZING footage of Ali delivering a drop kick that sends the briefcase holder flying off the apron and a follow-up 450 Splash:

Seriously, how great is the look on Theory’s face when he sees Ali flying in behind him?

(Reckless enthusiasm for Ali’s WWE future intensifies)

* It does still drive me nuts that he never won the Cruiserweight belt during his amazing 2017-2018 run on 205 Live, though.

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