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WWE NXT results, live blog (Oct. 25, 2022): Tag Team Title Tuesday

WWE NXT’s Twitter

Here’s a place to check results and comment along with the newest episode of WWE NXT, airing live on Tuesday night at 8PM Eastern time slot on USA Network.

Check out our Tuesday morning preview post to get caught up on what’s been happening, and what we expect this week.

Advertised for tonight from the WWE Performance Center: Two Tag Team title matches, as Edris Enofé & Malik Blade challenge Pretty Deadly for the men’s championship, and Nikkita Lyons & Zoey Stark take aim at Kayden Carter & Katana Chance’s women’s belts. Plus, The Schism reveals their fourth member, Halloween Havoc co-host Shotzi is back to deal with Lash Legend, fallout from last Saturday’s PLE, and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the NXT live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. A running record of everything that happens will be below this line here.

Enjoy the show!


Listen to you, listen to me. No one knows the reason why they wanna be free, but me? I’m just here to liveblog this pro wrestling show for you, folks.

The show opens with a recap of Halloween Havoc.

Katana Chance & Kayden Carter (c) vs. Nikkita Lyons & Zoey Stark (NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship)

Carter and Lyons to start, little bit of mat grappling, Nikkita shows off with the splits and back rolls away! Nikkita rams her into the corner, quick tag, cover... NOPE! Arm wringer, snapmare, off the ropes, duck a Penalty Kick, arm wringer, quick tags and Chance gets a senton atomico nearfall on Stark.

Fighting over a suplex, Lyons tags in, Canadian backbreaker rack, champs outsmarting her, Katana with a victory roll nearfall! Off the ropes, stereo dropkicks, Zoey sent to the floor, double crossbodies to the challengers get double slams and we go to break!

Back from commercial, the champions are working Lyons over at some length. Assisted splash but Stark runs in and breaks it up! Finally Zoey tags in, hitting Katana hard, throwing her into the turnbuckles, overrotated suplex, looking for the facebreaker but Chance counters to a pin for two!

Take Carter out with a Cactus Clothesline, skin the cat, back inside, duck a pumpkick...

Nikkita Lyons & Zoey Stark win the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship by pinfall with a schoolboy pin from Stark on Chance.

Post-match, referees talk it out and, due to a missed tag, the match will restart!

Brawling at the bell, Nikkita dumped to the floor, working Stark over, big nearfall! Kayden tags in, Zoey with a German suplex, Lyons in, splits into the leg drop... CHANCE BREAKS IT UP! Stark to the floor taking her out, Nikkita with a pump kick, bodyslam reversed, a kick combo from Carter!

Tag made...

Katana Chance & Kayden Carter win by pinfall with a 450 splash / neckbreaker combination on Nikkita Lyons to retain the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship.

We get a video package for tonight’s match between Ilja Dragunov and JD McDonagh.

We see freshly-crowned NXT North American Champion Wes Lee walking backstage to send us to break.

Back from commercial we get a vignette of T-BAR burning his mask and talking about coming for justice rather than retribution.

Wes Lee makes his entrance and gets on the mic.

He says he wanted to come out here and thank everyone for Saturday night. He never thought he’d make it to WWE, let alone be a champion, and for damn sure not a singles champion. But the faith and confidence of everyone in NXT inspired and motivated him, especially when he was lost in the dark.

This title gave him a sense of validation he’s been searching for his entire life, that he belongs, that there’s a place for him where he’s loved for who he is and what he stands for, and for that he’s forever grateful. The feeling of standing on a ladder and hearing “you deserve it” chants is indescribable and all he can do is thank us.

He plans to continue excelling in—

Enter Grayson Waller.

He tells Lee to stop sucking up and he doesn’t deserve anything and neither do the fans. He talks about how bad his Saturday was and how much he hates Halloween and he claims that he technically won his match. Wes climbed a ladder? Congrats, Waller did that yesterday at Home Depot and didn’t get anything, and as far as he’s concerned he’s still up 1-0 on Apollo Crews.

Enter R-Truth?

Dressed as the Joker?

He gets on the mic and tells Orlando to make some noise. He welcomes everyone to Halloween Havoc and says it’ll be the spookiest night of the year before finally Grayson interrupts to point out that it’s not Halloween Havoc. Truth compliments his “British accent” and Waller calls him an idiot because he’s Australian.

Finally Grayson tells him Halloween Havoc was three days ago, which Truth does not believe until Wes Lee confirms that it did indeed already happen, and Ron celebrates his title win with him. He asks Waller how he did, and Lee points out he lost a casket match to Apollo Crews.

Truth puts Apollo over and asks Grayson how the casket was. Waller says he wants to beat Truth in his own house but his mind isn’t in it, so he’s gonna give him a week to work out what the Grayson Waller Effect really is. He tries to attack but Truth and Lee are ready for him and send him packing!

Backstage, Edris Enofe and Malik Blade are warming up.

Malik is nervous and Edris admits he is too, but he gives a pep talk about how tonight is their night and they resolve to win the tag titles.

Quincy Elliott is in the ring.

He introduces Shotzi Blackheart and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Apollo Crews is interviewed backstage.

He says Grayson Waller is very talented but also very annoying and he’s moving on to his original focus in coming back to NXT— winning the NXT Championship. He went off-course but the vision is clear now and he’s very interested in what Bron Breakker has to say tonight.

Lash Legend vs. Shotzi Blackheart

Legend throwing her around, Blackheart to the apron, kicks to chop her down, drop toehold blocked, Lash with a stomp and she draws Shotzi up. Float over a slam, boot up in the corner, headscissors, hanging over the ropes for as long as she can! Legend blasts her with a boot, Quincy Ellion taunts her when she goes to followup and Blackheart takes full advantage of the opening!

Back inside, Lash with a scoop and a slam, cover for two! Putting Shotzi in a Stretch Muffler, standing up, Blackheart with punches and she fights to the ropes! Kicking Legend’s head into the top rope, boot up, caught, back elbow staggers her! Lash stampedes her into the corner, setting her up top, big slap, big right hands, front chancery...

Shotzi Blackheart wins by pinfall with Never Wake Up.

We see the Creed Brothers and Ivy Nile hanging out in their gym to send us to break.

Back from commercial, the Creed Brothers make their entrance.

Julius gets on the mic, hands battered and bloodied, and says he put his body through hell but it was worth it to save his brother’s career, and now Brutus gets to put the final punctuation mark on Damon Kemp’s lesson. Brutus thanks his brother and tells him he loves him, but now it’s his turn!

Damon Kemp appears on the tron and says Julius got lucky and he’s not medically cleared for five minutes with Brutus, and he’ll see him later. Creed says every day he has to wait, his ass-whooping is gonna get worse and worse and worse and worse, because it’s Diamond Mine forever!

Sanga and Veer Mahaan hit the ring and beat the Creeds up!

Ivy Nile comes down to check on her boys and gets in the heels’ faces to ask them why.

Pretty Deadly talk a tag team up but not Edris Enofe and Malik Blade, because they don’t stand a chance, and we go to break.

Back from commercial we get a Toxic Attraction vignette.

Gigi Dolin is tanning, Jacy Jayne is working out, and Mandy Rose is grateful they got out of Halloween Havoc alive and she still has her title. Rose tells them they’re gonna celebrate her championship anniversary next week.

Edris Enofe & Malik Blade vs. Pretty Deadly (Elton Prince & Kit Wilson) (c) (NXT Tag Team Championship)

Blade and Wilson to start, shotgun dropkick, quick tag to Enofe, blockbuster sets up an elbow drop but Prince breaks it up! Getting Malik isolated, Elton walloping him with uppercuts, big back elbow, quick tags but Blade gets the better of Kit and tags Edris in!

Off the top with a double axehandle, front kick, whip reversed, big up and over schoolboy pin for two! Challengers with quick tags now, but Prince cuts Malik off and gets him back into his corner. Float over, beating him down in stereo, but Blade gets under and got the blind tag!

Enofe and Blade running hot, sending the champions to the floor and us to break!

Back from commercial, Prince with a scoop and a slam on Enofe and a knee drop to send him to the floor after! Back in, Elton cuts him down with a lariat, Wilson tags in, Edris slingshots in but Kit tags out! Tag to Blade, in hot with lariats and axehandles, big flying elbow!

Lariat in the ropes, Malik goes up top... OVER THE RINGPOST TOPE CON GIRO! Throwing Prince back inside, diving crossbody... NOT ENOUGH! Assisted gutbuster gets a deep two for the champions, trading forearms and then palm strikes, from their knees to their feet, challengers with a deep nearfall of their own!

Diving knee from Enofe, shoulder block from Blade... WILSON KICKS OUT! Fireman’s carry, Enofe’s knee gives out, Prince with a low bridge and Kit throws Malik into the turnbuckles! Back and forth sets up a victory roll... ELTON PRINCE KICKS OUT WITH THE BAREST FRACTION OF A SECOND TO SPARE!

Tag to Wilson...

Pretty Deadly win by pinfall with Spilt Milk on Malik Blade to retain the NXT Tag Team Championship.

We get a JD McDonagh vignette where he talks about having a necessary evil inside of him that others shy away from, and so we go to break.

Back from commercial we get a bumper for WWE’s work with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

Zoey Stark is interviewed backstage.

She says she had the tag titles in the palm of her hands and it was just taken away from her. Kayden and Katana are the two luckiest women in WWE right now.

Nikkita Lyons rolls up apologizing and Zoey tries to reassure her before getting angry that she didn’t see the tag and focusing on the rematch they have, saying they’re gonna win the tag titles this time aorund.

The Schism make their entrance, ready to unmask their mystery member.

Joe Gacy gets on the mic. He says pride and arrogance are commonplace in WWE, and reflect on the strength that comes from their humble unity. He says these three understand that togetherness is the greatest accomplishment and their mission statement is clear— remove your mask and join the Schism or be torn down.

Rip Fowler takes his mask off and says NXT is a den of selfishness and greed, envious of other’s good fortunes, and fans and superstars alike put themselves before the greater good of their unity, and we simply reflect our own shortcomings when we speak out against them.

Jagger Reid takes his mask off and says wrath is a manipulative state and to be truly healthy you must learn to control it correctly. Anger divides, but love builds, and the Schism only grows stronger as a unity.

Back to Gacy, he says there are people in this world who have everything they could ever want who are empty and depleted on the inside, and the Dyad learned the path to everlasting unity comes from showing their true selves, and the time has come to take the next step.

The time has come to reveal your true self, and there is no going back.

Our masked woman takes off her hoodie and her mask, and says the love and acceptance the Schism has given her defies any preconceived notions of who she’s supposed to be. This family completes her, and she is Ava Raine.

Sol Ruca is interviewed backstage.

She’s nervous about her match against Indi Hartwell, but she’s going to—

Indi rolls up and says doing tricks to wow the audience will only take her so far in NXT. It’s all about winning, and she’s about to learn right now.

Hartwell makes her entrance and we go to break.

Back from commercial, we get a recording of a cryptic distorted call to the front desk at the Performance Center.

This person says they’ll tear NXT apart and refers to themselves as SCRYPTS.

Indi Hartwell vs. Sol Ruca

Hartwell with a couple slams, whip reversed, drop down, leapfrog, Matrix evasion, Ruca with a scoop and a slam! Another slam, cover for two! Indi overwhelms her with strikes...

Indi Hartwell wins by pinfall with a northern forearm.

Post-match, Elektra Lopez hits the ring and attacks both women, laying Sol out with a short powerbomb! She gets in the camera to say that she’s back and she’s coming for everybody.

We get a Chase U vignette.

Bodhi Hayward is missing and Duke Hudson is late, saying he was looking for Bodhi. He literally shines an apple and gives it to Andre Chase. He gives Thea Hail his pen and says he’s going to take notes in his head, which gets Andre’s dander up.

Duke steals a pen from the classmate on his other side and takes notes on Chase’s lecture on the history of holiday traditions in pro wrestling.

Ilja Dragunov makes his entrance to send us to break.

Back from commercial, we get a graphic for NXT Deadline.

We get a recap of Roxanne Perez vs. Cora Jade.

Edris Enofe and Malik Blade are bummed about losing when a party truck rolls up to take them off to have a little fun.

Commentary hypes up next week’s show.

Ilja Dragunov vs. JD McDonagh

Dragunov cuts McDonagh off with a slam during his entrance! The bell sounds, German suplexes, JD throws back elbows but Ilja shifts to a cradle grip, bridge... NOPE! Big chops in the corner, pump kick connects! Falling elbows to the back of the neck, McDonagh fires elbows of his own back before targeting Dragunov’s injured ribs!

Whip across, knee lift and again Ilja with the heavy chops! Tiger feint and his ribs catch on the ropes, opening the door for JD! Fighting over a suplex in the ropes, McDonagh snaps his neck over the top! Shoulder block sends Dragunov flying ribs-first into the announce desk!

Referee Darryl Sharma checking on Ilja, calling medics over as he gasps for air and we go to break.

Back from commercial, McDonagh suplexes Dragunov ribs-first into the top rope! Backbreaker follows, cover for two and knees to the ribs! Waistlock takedown, back on their feet and trading forearms with abandon, Ilja with chops on chops but his back gives out on a German suplex attempt!

Enzuigiri takes JD out and Dragunov shakes himself back into it! Running knee in the corner, diving knee drop, off the top but the strain on his ribs is too much! McDonagh moves him into position, up top but Ilja cuts him off! Jockeying for position in the turnbuckles... UNBESIEGBAR SUPERPLEX!

Falling forearm clobbers JD, backing off to set him up but his ribs are screaming agony! Steeling himself, Dragunov charges in but McDonagh catches him in a grounded Cobra Twist! Fighting with every breath in his body, Dragunov fades, bleeding from the mouth....

JD McDonagh wins by referee stoppage.

The referee has to physically pull JD off after the match.

Ilja is stretchered out.

That’s the show, folks.

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