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Apollo Crews is once again talking NXT title shot

Apollo Crews returned to NXT back in June by answering Bron Breakker’s call for a new challenger for his NXT championship. He didn’t challenge for the title then, but did say he would see the champ down the road.

He went about dealing with other business in the meantime, including a feud with Grayson Waller that culminated in a casket match at Halloween Havoc. Crews won that match and it’s now time to look ahead.

He did just that in a post-match interview:

“The thing is I said it many times, I’m fighting for more than just myself. That’s what gave me the edge against Grayson Waller. Grayson has no idea what it’s like to fight for somebody other than himself. I got two kids at home that I want to go home to everyday and tell them their daddy was a winner and that is exactly what I get to go do tonight.

“But now it’s time for me to move on because I’ve shut Grayson Waller in the casket, I’ve shut his mouth up for good, and man he can talk a lot. But, you see, the real reason why I came back to NXT is my focus now and do you know what that is? You do? Well I’m gonna say it anyway — that is the NXT championship.”

Breakker, for his part, won a triple threat match against both Ilja Dragunov and JD McDonagh, who couldn’t put their differences aside enough to prevent the champ from walking out still the owner of the NXT title. Is Crews up next for him?

It sure sounds like he could be.

Stay tuned.

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