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Halloween Havoc results: Bron Breakker retains NXT championship

Bron Breakker runs NXT.

That’s been true since he defeated Tommaso Ciampa and became the new number one guy, winning the title at New Year’s Evil back in January. Sure, he lost it briefly to Dolph Ziggler, but that was a triple threat he wasn’t pinned in, and he quickly gained it back before later unifying it with the NXT UK championship. No one has come along to pose enough of a threat to take it from him.

JD McDonagh was supposed to maybe represent that, but he came up short. Ilja Dragunov quickly followed and maybe he could be the guy? But no, McDonagh was still in the picture and it quickly became a triple threat and the story was more about if the old UK rivals could avoid killing each other before taking out the top dog.

They could not.

They attacked each other early and often, sometimes completely ignoring the champion, and when they did have a moment of seemingly being close to winning, they got in each other’s way. Bad blood runs deep.

In the end, when Dragunov had finally done enough to keep McDonagh at bay, he didn’t have enough left in the tank to deal with the champ. Breakker used a Spear to score the winning pinfall to stay atop all of NXT.

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