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Braun Strowman vs. Omos is going to rule

If you had told me a couple weeks ago that Omos was going to come to Friday Night SmackDown to confront Braun Strowman over who the REAL MONSTER IS AROUND THESE PARTS I would have probably grimaced a bit. After all, there are only so many ways to go with a story like that, right?

As it turns out, I kind of like just sticking with the basics.

That’s what they showed us on this week’s episode of SmackDown, where MVP worked his magic to set up what actually is a pretty good angle here — Omos is bigger than Strowman.

Seems almost silly to think of, sure, but If Braun thinks of himself as the “monster of all monsters,” how is he going to deal with the fact that Omos stands taller than he does. The visual of as much during their face-to-face created an actual reaction by the crowd, and it was clear this was a good call.

Omos easily tossed Strowman from the ring too. He didn’t cower from it, of course. He took it in stride, taking note of what happened and relaying his understanding of what it meant for him.

He’s going to be in for one hell of a battle.

As for the match itself, as far as entertainment value for us? I mean, come on. We’re going to get two big beefy dudes throwing hands. What more could you want?

Anyway, here are all the videos from SmackDown this week:

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