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Shawn Michaels on why he agreed to train Logan Paul, how it’s going

The WWE Hall of Famer is impressed with the ‘Media Megastar’. Paul’s Crown Jewel opponent Roman Reigns still isn’t.

WWE revealed this week that Logan Paul is preparing for his shot at Roman Reigns and his Undisputed WWE Universal championship in Crown Jewel by spending some time in the ring with Shawn Michaels.

Speaking with the media on a conference call earlier today (Oct. 21) to promote tomorrow’s NXT Halloween Havoc show, the Heartbreak Kid spoke about why he agreed to work with Paul. He also offered his impressions of where the “Media Megastar” is in his training, and the Logan Paul experience in general:

“Working with him really was fun. He’s a bright kid. I didn’t know him, clearly — whatever. I am a square. Obviously, I know of him. I saw what he did at ‘Mania. I just thought clearly he’s somebody you can see he’s committed. I know they stuff he’s done in the past with the boxing.

“When he jumps into something, he’s gonna go all in. He works really hard. I was curious to see what kind of time and effort he was putting into this. He requested this and I jumped at the opportunity because I was really curious. But he’s actually getting it. He’s a nice kid. Clearly, he’s bright. He does work really hard... So, he comes in at a certain spot, shall we say, that none of our young talent is really gonna come in at. You sort of have to put the cart before the horse with somebody like him. He’s in this match at WrestleMania, so you kind of maybe just train him for what he’s going to do there at that one match.

“That’s one of the things he and I talked about yesterday was, ‘Hey, while you’re doing this, we’ve gotta go back and make sure we teach you some of those foundational, fundamental principles that will better link all of this stuff together.’ Because of his popularity, they kinda start him at five years down the road, but he’s still in the first six-month training-wise. So that’s what I felt. If we could go back and teach him some of the fundamentals, I think that’ll really help him understand at a better level how you link all those other pieces that he’s learning together... but again, I found him to be — I don’t know, a very bright kid, nice guy, he’s got a great crew around him.”

Pretty cool, both Paul’s investment in the craft, and how much Michaels seems to love teaching it to everyone who’s interested in sitting under his learning tree.

Remember, there’s one very important person who’s not impressed...

Logan’s need all the help he can get.

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