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WWE said to be considering bringing back King of the Ring as a stand alone event

WWE’s King of the Ring tournament has been around, on & off and in some form or fashion, for nearly 40 years. But not counting a one hour Network special in 2015, the concept hasn’t been its own PPV/PLE since 2002.

That could be changing soon, however. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports WWE is discussing “bringing back the King of the Ring tournament with a show that would be both King of the Ring and Queen of the Ring.” WWE introduced the female version of the tournament last year, and both the King (Xavier Woods) and Oueen (Zelina Vega) were crowned after finals matches in Saudi Arabia at Crown Jewel.

Why the change? Dave Meltzer writes that Vince McMahon made the call to drop King of the Ring as a PPV after buys were low for the 2002 edition. But now that WWE is much less concerned with buy rates, since most of their money is guaranteed via Peacock and all they need to do is provide a steady flow of content to their streaming partners? Shows that didn’t draw in the past and ones with non-traditional start times are back on the table.

It’s more good news for wrestling fans, who love few things more than tournament and nostalgia.

Excited for a King of the Ring PLE?

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