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NXT Deadline show confirmed for same day as ROH Final Battle PPV

Shawn Michaels took over the pre-TakeOver NXT premium live event conference call gig from Triple H, effective the one today (Oct. 21) for tomorrow’s Halloween Havoc show. WWE’s Senior Vice President of Talent Development Creative (aka the man in charge of NXT) used his opening remarks to confirm a recent report about the brand’s next PLE:

“The next NXT premium live event is gonna be on Dec. 10, and it’s gonna be known as NXT Deadline... you’ll find out more about that obviously in the future, but NXT Deadline’s coming Sat., Dec. 10 and obviously we are excited about that.”

As those reports noted, Sat., Dec. 10 is the same day as Ring of Honor’s recently announced Final Battle PPV. That show will have a 4pm ET bell time, while Deadline presumably won’t go on until WWE’s usual 8pm start time. But while they won’t be head-to-head, they will be competing for headlines and wrestling fan mindshare.

We’ll see how this move impacts either show or company. Meanwhile, the real winners are folks who just want as much good wrestling as they can get — especially ones who don’t feel the need to watch it all as it happens.

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