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Here’s how Logan Paul plans to beat Roman Reigns

YouTube star Logan Paul has only competed in two professional wrestling matches, yet he’s already challenging for the top championship in WWE. It will be Roman Reigns vs. Logan Paul for the WWE Universal championship on Nov. 5 at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia.

Even with Ronda Rousey pulling for him, babyface Paul is the clear underdog in this fight. So how should someone prepare for a fight where an extreme amount of luck is needed to win?

Train with Shawn Michaels! Here’s a video of Paul doing exactly that:

Paul didn’t just seek HBK’s expertise in skinning the cat; he was also looking for some words of wisdom. While discussing his underdog status in the above training video, Paul and HBK acknowledge the benefits of not being the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Huh, I guess that’s one way to hype yourself up for a fight.

After watching Logan train with Shawn, I’m even more convinced that Roman Reigns is smashing him in Saudi Arabia. And the Tribal Chief happens to agree:

HBK once teamed up with God for a match against the McMahons, so maybe he can hook Logan up with his next training partner.

Do you hope to see Logan Paul flamboyantly shake his ass and put Roman down with sweet chin music, Cagesiders?

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