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WWE and Peacock are accused of holding up a Steve Austin cartoon series

While speaking on KFC Radio, frustrated comedian Dan Soder said he needed to get something off his chest regarding WWE, Peacock, and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Here’s how he described the situation, which involves a cartoon series he co-created that features Stone Cold:

“We’re going through some bullshit right now, and hopefully me saying it publicly will kind of push it through. Or it’ll just completely fuck the deal, but at this point I don’t give a fuck.”

“During the pandemic, Dan St. Germain and I wrote a show with Stone Cold Steve Austin that was a cartoon, and we sold it to Peacock. But now, WWE and Peacock are bullshitting; it’s been 17 months on the sidelines. And I keep calling these motherfuckers, being like, this is gonna be fucking funny. And Stone Cold is like, way on board. We developed the show with him, not with the WWE.”

“I don’t want to give [the plot of the show] away too much, because that’s what we’re dealing with WWE right now. We’re kind of being like, don’t take our fucking show and do it yourself, ‘cause you’re gonna make it fucking corny. It’s dark and weird, that’s why Stone Cold liked it.”

“The WWE was like, well we want to be creatively involved. And we’re like, nah, we want to write the show. And Peacock bought it ‘cause they liked the show. And it’s just been in gridlock.”

Soder went on to tell a few funny stories about phone calls he shared with Austin, reinforcing Steve’s interest in doing the cartoon. Dan also said he hopes that publicly revealing these details will result in wrestling fans pushing WWE and Peacock towards ending the gridlock and making it happen.

Do you think Soder’s plan will work? Let us know in the comments below, Cagesiders.

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