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Johnny Gargano is worried that Brock Lesnar might eat him

While appearing on a “Locker Room Dirt” segment on WWE’s TikTok, Johnny Gargano was asked about which wrestler he would hate to be stuck on a deserted island with. Here is his response:

“Maybe Brock Lesnar? Because I feel like, if we were stuck on a desert island, a couple days into it, he’d like hunt me down and find me, and destroy me, and eat me. And there’s nothing I could do about it, because he’s the alpha male of our species...It’d be like being stuck on an island with a Tyrannosaurus Rex, if I was with Brock. So I’m gonna go Brock on that one.”

Brock Lesnar is a very large man who is passionate about hunting and carving up slabs of meat. Johnny Gargano is a much smaller man who Brock could easily mistake as just another slab of meat to be devoured and discarded. I think Gargano made the right call here.

How long do you think you would survive if you were stuck on a deserted island with Brock Lesnar?

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