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Bret Hart says Goldberg should be removed from the WWE Hall of Fame

Bret Hart’s hatred of Bill Goldberg is well-documented. He blames Goldberg for ending his career, and never shies away from reminding the world that he thinks Goldberg is a bad worker and dangerous in the ring.

In a recent autograph signing with K & S WrestleFest, Bret took a couple more shots at Bill.

The first dig came when The Hitman was asked about which wrestlers he wanted to work with who he never had a match against. Bret said Kurt Angle would top the list. He also said the following:

“I would loved to have worked with Brock Lesnar, just ‘cause I always heard he was a good pro in the ring. The opposite of Goldberg.”

But the trash talk didn’t stop there. No, Bret later said that Goldberg should be replaced in the WWE Hall of Fame by jobber Barry Horowitz:

“I always thought that if Goldberg got in the Hall of Fame, that [Barry] Horowitz should have got in the Hall of Fame, just ‘cause Horowitz could actually wrestle. Goldberg never could. I don’t know what Goldberg got in the Hall of Fame for. I think he got in there for hurting everybody he worked with.”

“They should [put Horowitz in the Hall of Fame], and they should take Goldberg out.”

There is no ballot, voting system, criteria, or rigorous process in place for gaining entry into the WWE Hall of Fame, so Barry Horowitz is just as qualified as anybody else who has previously gained induction into the club. That being said, I don’t think Bret’s wish will ever come true on this one.

What do you make of Bret’s latest criticism of Goldberg, Cagesiders?

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