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The Miz has a bursa sac that ‘keeps blowing up’

Not only does The Miz have massive balls, but he also has a burst sac.

During an interview on Ekeler’s Edge, the A-Lister detailed a nagging issue he’s currently dealing with, among the general aches and pains that come with being a pro wrestler:

“Any time you have a match, your entire body is sore...when I’m done I don’t feel it, and then the next day I’m like, where is this coming from?”

“I have a bursa sac that I burst that just keeps blowing up. It takes so long and then it’ll go just keeps coming back. Fluid comes in, it goes away, comes in, goes away.”

“I’ve messed up my shoulder for a little bit and then you’re trying to work out, you’re trying to work through it, and trying to make sure you maintain your body and your physicality.”

It’s worth noting that The Miz hasn’t wrestled much lately. His last televised bout was a steel cage loss against Bobby Lashley on the Sept. 5 episode of Raw. He has wrestled on a few house shows since then, with his most recent such match taking place on Oct. 1.

He was scheduled to face Dexter Lumis on Raw this week after several episodes of creepy stalking segments, but the match was postponed. For what it’s worth, Miz said he’ll be at tomorrow night’s SmackDown taping to perform in a dark segment that won’t air on television.

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