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D-X & Billy Gunn thought he’d be part of Raw reunion, were heartbroken he wasn’t

Raw’s recent celebration of 25 years of D-Generation X was about as perfect as wrestling nostalgia gets.

Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Road Dogg & X-Pac were able to do the schtick we love them for while acknowledging their age and the irony that the faction of rebels now essentially run WWE. They got a chance to shine on their own while also advancing the current roster’s storylines, and they were able to acknowledge two key members of the group — one directly when X-Pac shouted out Chyna, and one indirectly when Road Dogg let the crowd announce Billy Gunn (and when commentator Corey Graves made a joke referencing Gunn’s current hot act).

While there was sadly no way for Joanie Laurer to be there, Gunn could have been... if AEW and WWE found a way to play nice for a night. And to hear Road Dogg tell it, it seemed like they might. Right up until they didn’t.

He told the tale on his Oh... You Didn’t Know podcast:

“It broke my heart, and I believe it broke his too.

“In all actuality, Hunter was not happy about it either. Shawn and X-Pac weren’t either. We wanted the band, all that we could get back together. Chyna is there in spirit. That didn’t happen. From what I understand, and I’m not in those inner circles anymore, and for my sanity rightfully so and thankful. I don’t know the exact reason, but I was told everything that we could do was done, and we couldn’t come together.

“During the day prior, I texted him, ‘Hey, are you going to be able to make it? Have you found out any answers yet?’ He said, ‘Yes, I’m in.’ I was like, ‘Oh my God, that’s awesome.’ Literally, before I landed at home, I found out he was not in. I texted him back and he wasn’t happy either. It just didn’t work, no matter what. I understand. Whatever. I understand we’re [AEW and WWE] not huge fans of each other from a business standpoint. It was a big deal, and I feel like he got ripped off and didn’t live it with us. I’m sorry for that. I know he is too.”

Having the Bad/Daddy Ass there would have made a great night even better, but business is business. Here’s hoping Billy will join D-X in 2027 for their 30th.

H/T Fightful for transcription

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