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Sami Zayn proves his Ucey-ness

Sami Zayn is officially an Honorary Uce, a member of Undisputed WWE Universal champion Roman Reigns’ Bloodline. That doesn’t sit well with Jey Uso, but that’s probably because Jey hasn’t been very Ucey lately.

What does it mean to be Ucey? According to Sami, you need to be cool. Outside of that, it seems you need to know your Bloodline trivia.

That’s what Zayn did while he and Solo Sikoa were guests on The Bump today (Oct. 18). Right after Sami checked to make sure his tag partner’s travel arrangements, and once again made the stoic Sikoa break — it’s at around the :19 mark when Zayn is explaining how much pride he takes in getting the youngest Uso a climate controlled vehicle...

Then it was trivia time, and the Honorary Uce went five for five! Here were the questions, if you want to answer before watching the video to see how Ucey you are:

  1. Who did Roman Reigns defeat to successfully retain his Universal championship against at Hell in a Cell 2020?
  2. Who did The Usos beat for their first WWE Tag Team championship?
  3. Who did Rikishi do it for?
  4. Who did Solo Sikoa defeat in his NXT debut?
  5. Who defeated Braun Strowman to win the Intercontinental title in 2020?

1. Sensitive subject, but Jey Uso
2. The New Age Outlaws
3. Trick question! The famous quote is “The Rock”, but he was actually following Triple H’s orders
4. Jeet Rama (but Kayla Braxton almost gets Solo to laugh when she calls him YEET Rama)
5. Sami Zayn, of course

Let us know how you did, but even if you aced it, remember... you’re not as Ucey as the Honorary Uce.

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