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The Rock says he’s talked to Nick Khan about a larger role in WWE’s future

Dwayne Johnson revealed those discussions while answering a question about joining WWE’s Board of Directors or possibly buying the company.

Triple H Rock

Dwayne Johnson is on a full-scale media blitz for his new movie, Black Adam. WWE stock is hitting new highs as Wall Street analysts have labeled it a prime acquisition target in the wake of Vince McMahon’s resignation.

So when his press tour brought Johnson to Canadian business news outlet BNN Bloomberg, Johnson was asked about a potential sale of WWE — and if he would have a role in that as either a Director or an investor/buyer.

The man we all know as The Rock showed his political acumen and press savvy by not really answering either question. But that doesn’t mean he didn’t give us anything.

On the sale of the company, Johnson agreed that McMahon would be open to selling (Rock was not asked about Vince’s resignation or the sexual misconduct and improper financial reporting accusations which led to it). He then went on to describe the ideal buyer... a description that could definitely apply to him:

“I’ve known Vince for a very, very long time and he’s a businessman.

“I think the key if there were a sale of the WWE is to make sure that whoever acquires that brand in that property, you’ve got to love the wrestling business. Of course, you can love the asset, and you can love everything that comes with it, but you got to love the professional wrestling business … because if not, then you could kind of see the writing on the wall; four or five years down the road, what will happen?”

That led interviewer David George-Cosh to ask if Johnson “would consider making a strategic investment in, or accept a director position with, the WWE”. The Rock’s response reminds us that he loves the wrestling business (his main criteria for a good buyer, you’ll recall from two sentences ago), and that he & WWE’s co-CEO Nick Khan are lifelong friends:

“[WWE co-CEO] Nick [Khan] and I have talked about that, and we always enjoy that over a bottle of Teremana [Johnson’s tequila brand].

“I love the wrestling business. I grew up in it. My grandfather [and] my dad started here in Canada, where [his father] was born. So, I’m not quite too sure if a board seat is in my future, but possibly other things are in my future, for sure.”

“Possibly other things” could just be referring to a rumored feud with his cousin Roman Reigns for WrestleMania 39 next year in Southern California. Is he talking about more? Could Rock end up becoming a sort of Vince 2.0 as the owner of WWE and the XFL?

Let us know what you think, and stay tuned.

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