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Triple H touts the success of ‘The White Rabbit Project’

WWE’s Chief Content Officer is proud of how they brought back Bray Wyatt on Raw, SmackDown, and at Extreme Rules.

WWE gave their fans a puzzle to solve last month.

The “White Rabbit” chase eventually led to Bray Wyatt’s return at Oct. 8’s Extreme Rules premium live event, and along the way it generated a lot of discussion & excitement among wrestling fans — and some great ratings.

Now that a big part (but definitely not all) of the mystery’s been revealed, WWE’s Chief Content Officer Paul “Triple H” Levesque spoke to The Wrap about the thought process behind launching what he calls “The White Rabbit Project”:

“We asked ourselves how we could bring back Bray Wyatt in the most engaging way possible. So we created ‘The White Rabbit Project,’ intended to lead our audience down this literal rabbit hole of content to help build anticipation for Wyatt’s return at Extreme Rules on Peacock.

“It started with flickering lights in arenas and continued with the release of other easter eggs, like hidden QR codes within episodes of SmackDown and Raw that led viewers to more clues that kept them guessing, and tuning in, each week. It culminated in what we believe was a massive pay-off for our fans – and for WWE.”

We’ve heard that WWE wants to do more of this kind of interactive storytelling, even hiring one of the people who worked on “The White Rabbit Project”, Rob Fee, to the new position of Director of Longterm Creative. In another quote from The Game, you can see how those efforts will be pitched to advertisers and other strategic partners:

“This is a great example of how WWE is uniquely positioned as a sports and entertainment property to harness the power of our shows and our social following to develop multimedia, long-term storytelling that can help produce meaningful aggregated audiences.”

Looking forward to being part of aggregated audience for WWE’s next cross-platform integration?

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