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Elias returned, and he’s already got problems with Seth Rollins

Back when Elias was around and doing his thing, before his brother Ezekiel took center stage for a while, he used to hate being interrupted while he was in the middle of a musical performance. It’s only fitting, then, that Matt Riddle was the guy to interrupt his return performance on Monday Night Raw this week.

That wasn’t so bad though. He’s a good guy and all. So the performance went ahead.

Only to be interrupted by Seth Rollins, who was eager to get to defending his United States championship against Riddle. He won that match, no thanks to Elias, who hung around and inevitably got involved.

Now, he’s got issues with Seth, as he talked about on Raw Talk:

“I had the highest hopes. I was so excited to make my return, to make my brother proud, and just have a good time out there in front of the audience, performing, playing music, doing my thing like only Elias thing. And let me tell ya, it went downhill so quick. Riddle came out, he interrupted. I mean, he’s a good kid, his heart was in the right place, but wrong time. And then Seth, he interrupted the whole thing… let me just tell ya — I wanted this to be a night the WWE Universe and myself would never forget. But unfortunately for Seth, I’m not going to forget what he did to me tonight.”

Rollins has a whole line of folks eager to get after him. The Riddle feud seems as though it may never end, Mustafa Ali asserted himself this week, and, as mentioned, Elias has got him on the mind as well.

The U.S. title is already a hot commodity again!

Anyway, here are all the videos from Raw this week:

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