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Baron Corbin moves to Raw, aligns with JBL


We knew it was at least possible JBL would be showing up to Monday Night Raw this week in some capacity, thanks to reports making the rounds in the hours leading up to the show. It wasn’t clear exactly why he would be there, though WWE had previously dropped a hint about his working with Baron Corbin, something he’s spoken openly about wanting to do in the past.

But Corbin is a SmackDown star. So why would JBL be coming to Raw if that’s what he wanted?

Well, it turns out, Rey Mysterio moving to the blue brand wasn’t the only move of the past few days. Indeed, Corbin is here and will be a member of the Raw roster moving forward. On top of that, he’ll be aligned with JBL, just he wanted all along.

JBL put him over by saying he’s three times the size of Mysterio and he’ll be dominant in his new home.

“Today starts the Monday Night Raw emergence of the modern day wrestling God!”

Big words from a big man.

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