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WWE Hall of Famer could be appearing on several upcoming Raws (Possible Spoilers)

And if he is, it’ll probably be at the side of a former United States champion and Money in the Bank & King of the Ring winner...

John Bradshaw Layfield appeared on the Sept. 2 episode of SmackDown. Well, his voice did, anyway. That’s what we heard as a despondent Happy Corbin got in a limousine after dropping a match to Shinsuke Nakamura...

That angle hasn’t been followed up since, but a report from PWInsider makes it sound like it could be picking up again soon:

There was talk at Smackdown Friday night that WWE Hall of Famer JBL would be at the next several Raws in some capacity. adds: “There was also talk over the weekend that he would be at tonight’s Raw.”

If the former WWE champion and Hall of Famer is going to appear on television tonight or in the weeks to come, the assumption is obviously that it would be alongside a repackaged Corbin. The former offensive lineman is due for a new gimmick, as his Bum Ass/Happy one has pretty much run its course after losing feuds with Madcap Moss and Pat McAfee. And JBL’s spoken in the past about wanting to work with Corbin, telling Inside The Ropes back in February:

“I love Baron Corbin. I think Baron Corbin is a really smart guy, and I think Baron Corbin is a guy I would like to manage. The problem I have is I’m kind of like Colonel Parker. I’m tall and so I can’t manage a lot of people because I’m 6’6 and you don’t want a manager that’s bigger than the wrestler and so I’m limited in who I can manage because of the size.”

Is that what we’ll see the self-professed Wrestling God doing on Raw this fall? We might find out tonight...

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