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WWE Raw results, live blog (Oct. 17, 2022): Brock Lesnar returns (again)

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Oct. 17, 2022) from the Paycom Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, featuring all the latest build to the upcoming Crown Jewel event scheduled for early next month in Saudi Arabia.

Advertised for tonight: Brock Lesnar makes his return to address his attack on Bobby Lashley from last week, Seth Rollins defends his newly won United States championship against the man he just can’t seem to rid himself of, Matt Riddle, Dexter Lumis will earn a contract if he can defeat The Miz in singles action, Elias makes his long awaited return, The O.C. takes on Alpha Academy, and a whole lot more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog will kick off once the show starts on USA Network. It will be below this line here. Reminder: GIFs and pics allowed, but no links to illegal streams, please.


A proud hush had taken hold and you worshipped at its feet, but calm was not long for this world. I took up arms and you begged I let it be, but reason don’t live here no more. Step aside, ‘cause I’m going to liveblog this here pro wrestling show for you, folks.

The show opens with Bobby Lashley on the mic.

He’s pacing around the ring and he calls Brock Lesnar out!

Lesnar is here and he meets Lashley in the aisle and slams him into the ringpost! Fireman’s carry but Bob slips out and puts Brock face-first into the post before spearing him through the timekeeper’s barricade! Referees and road agents pull Lashley back but he gets away and spears Lesnar a second time, putting him through the announce desk and leaving him lying to send us to break.

Back from commercial, we get a recap of what we just saw, because Raw is three hours long. (Three hours long.)

Commentary hypes up tonight’s card with Corey Graves dressed like a mattress salesman.

Alpha Academy (Chad Gable & Otis Dozovic) vs. the OC (Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows)

Anderson and Gable to start, Karl working a wristlock, headlock takeover counters. Shot off, shoulder block, drop down, hip toss and Anderson drops him with a lariat! Tags made, Gallows lands a big boot and Dozovic is off-balance! Chad runs interference after Karl comes back in and knees him into the ringpost on the floor and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Dozer is working Anderson over, he gets up on the second for the Vader Bomb but Machine Gun rolls out of the way! Tags made, Luke comes in hot with lariats and a big slicing right, charging uppercut, big kick to the face! Otis comes in, heeats a kick too, pumphandle slam connects on Chad!

Get him up for the Magic Killer, Dozovic breaks it up and sends Gallows to the floor! Gable with a bridging northern lights on Anderson... NOPE! Luke sidesteps Otis into the steel steps, Chad off the top, boot up on the moonsault but Gable had it scouted! Ankle lock kicked away, spinning spinebuster from Karl!

Gallows gets him up...

The OC win by pinfall with the Magic Killer on Chad Gable.

Post-match, the Judgment Day make their entrance.

Finn Balor throws up the Too Sweet and says it’s the same old crap, and Damian Priest says these boys are crazy, and the three of them think they accomplished something great last week, but they stopped giving a damn about them a long time ago and the only thing they did is guaranteed they’re gonna get cooked by Judgment Day.

Balor reminds us he’s the one that started their stupid little club, and he’ll break them just as he made them. He challenges them to a match, but not tonight, no, at Crown Jewel.

Styles accepts the match and says he doesn’t understand why everyone does this, because this is Monday Night Raw and they can do it right here, right now. (Van Halen’s kicking ass in America?) That is, unless they have to ask their mother for permission. Dominik tells AJ to shut his mouth unless he wants to be like his dad and run away to the other brand with his tail between his legs.

Styles calls Dominik a little punk and since he wants to run his mouth, they can have a singles match and handle business. Rhea Ripley accepts for Mysterio and goads him into bragging about how he’s going to rip Styles limb from limb. AJ calls him to the ring but Dom points out he doesn’t have his gear on and he’s not taped up, but when he’s ready he’ll mop the floor with him in about an hour or so.

AJ tells him to take his time and get ready, and then he’ll do what his dad should have done and beat the piss out of him, and it’ll be... Too Sweet.

And so we go to break.

Back from commercial, we get a recap of Seth Rollins winning the WWE United States Championship from Bobby Lashley last week.

Seth Rollins makes his entrance and gets on the mic.

He welcomes the crowd to Monday Night Rollins and reintroduces himself as the United States Champion. He tells the haters who counted him out that they can kiss his big beautiful red behind, but for all the fine folks who have always had his back and never counted him out, he asks them to do what they’ve always done and sing his song.

They do, and he conducts the crowd for a few bars before saying tonight is historic because it’s the first defense in what will undoubtedly be the greatest United States Championship reign of all time, and in the main event tonight he’s going to wipe this mat with Matt Riddle’s face.

And in doing so, he’s going to clear up a bit of a miscommunication that was Extreme Rules. He admits that he tapped when Riddle had him in the triangle sleeper but that was a strategic move because he knew he had to be in the best possible condition to beat Bobby Lashley and win the title.

He did it for us!

Enter Mustafa Ali.

He’s on the mic and says he was waiting for Seth to shout his boy Brock Lesnar out for the assist but if he’s not gonna mention it he’s not gonna push it. But the previous champion promised him he was next in line and he gets it! Things change, champions change, but his challenge remains the same— he wants to fight for that United States Championship.

Rollins cackles about it and asks if he looks like Bobby Lashley before telling Mustafa he has to go to the back of the line. He’s got two options, he can stay out here and party with everybody and celebrate the new champion, or he can skedaddle his way out of the ring, because he doesn’t belong in this ring with Seth.

Ali plucks Rollins’ sunglasses off his head and throws them away, saying it’s not going down like that, and he may be Seth Freakin’ Rollins, but he’s staring at his next freakin’ problem. He’s not going anywhere and he’s not backing down and he wants a fight—

Seth says he appreciates what he’s trying to do and he likes and respects him and says he’s one of the best performers in WWE, but he’s an even better human being. He sees what he does to help the young guys out in the back, he’s a great friend and a great father— AND ROLLINS BLINDSIDES HIM AND BEATS HIM DOWN!

To the floor, Mustafa powers up and attacks Rollins but gets caught and thrown face-first into the ringpost! Seth leaves Ali writhing on the floor.

We see John “Bradshaw” Layfield’s limousine drive into the arena and we go to break.

Bianca Belair & Candice LeRae vs. Damage CTRL (Dakota Kai & IYO SKY)

Bayley is on commentary for this one.

LeRae and SKY to start, IYO hammering her with punches, trading arm drags, big boot, tijeras from Candice but she pops right up! Tag to Belair, handspring moonsault for two! Kai tags in, side headlock, shot off, shoulder block, getting Bianca into the corner for the tag! Double suplex, Belair lands on her feet and tags out!

Babyfaces with stereo dropkicks, Bianca picks LeRae up and uses her as a weapon! Whip into a baseball slide takes IYO out, Glam Slam sends Dakota over the ropes and to the floor! Candice with a plancha and we go to break!

Back from commercial, Belair on the wrong side of town, a backbreaker gets her some separation but Kai comes in and cuts her off from the tag! Uppercuts from the EST, up and over, tag blocked with a handful of braid! Candice stays on the apron and gets the tag!

Right hands on Kai, Violence Party in the corner, stacking IYO up in there too for the backsplash! Giant step senton, solebutt, cover for two! Dakota raining forearms down, tripping her up and choking her, quick tags, LeRae with a small package for two! Tags made, Bianca comes in hot on SKY, forearms and dropkicks!

Kip up, catch Dakota with a gutbuster, back body drop for IYO, mounted punches in the corner! Kicking IYO away, blind tag to LeRae, Bianca with a delayed vertical suplex, dropkick assists... KAI BREAKS IT UP! Handspring scorpion kick, reverse the Glam Slam, putting Bianca on the apron for a pump kick!

Candice with a Codebreaker, all four women down and out and Bayley decides to intervene! She grabs a kendo stick, Bianca attacks her from behind and spears her over the announce desk! Back inside, IYO gets LeRae up, tag made, Air Raid Crash sets her up...

Damage CTRL win by pinfall with a double-team cradle suplex on Candice LeRae.

Matt Riddle is interviewed backstage.

He says Seth Rollins is like a cheap hoverboard and he can make any excuse he wants but he got exposed in the FIGHT PIT and he’s gonna beat his ass bad tonight.

Riddle sees Mustafa Ali walking backstage and tells him he’s got guts standing up to Seth like that and if he wins the title tonight he’ll give him the title match he deserves.

We hear groaning and screaming and the Miz is on the floor clutching his knee in agony. He says he slipped on a puddle some incompetent janitor left and Ali and Riddle tell him to have more respect for sanitation engineers. He begs off his match tonight and demands they go get a trainer and we go to break.

Back from commercial, commentary hypes up Cora Jade being here to pick an opponent for Roxanne Perez.

We go backstage with Judgment Day and reveal that Cora is there. Finn leaves her to it and Jade asks Ripley if she’ll fight Roxanne tomorrow night. Rhea draws a similarity between Perez and Jade’s situation and hers and Raquel Rodriguez’s and says she doesn’t mind putting Roxanne down for her.

John “Bradshaw” Layfield makes his entrance.

He gets on the mic and says it takes a momentous occasion to get him back to WWE and he’s got an announcement that will shake the very foundation of Monday Night Raw. But first, from the bottom of his heart and in all sincerity, to the world, he apologizes for doing in Oklahoma.

Texas is RIGHT THERE! Just south of the Red River, and these trailer park hillbillies don’t even have the common sense to leave! He talks about sports before getting back to the point, which is the great news that Rey Mysterio has left Monday Night Raw and Dominik finally figured out what we knew decades ago, that Rey Mysterio is one of the worst human beings on the planet.

He wears a mask because he’s ashamed of himself, but he didn’t leave for free, a trade was made, and he asks the crowd to welcome the greatest addition to Monday Night Raw in history, Mr. Baron Corbin!

Enter Baron Corbin, seemingly Happy no more.

JBL talks up his size and dominance and talks trash about Dolph Ziggler in specific, accusing him of stealing money from the company for fifteen years, and the roster in general for being too small. Today starts the Monday Night Raw emergence of the modern-day Wrestling God, Baron Corbin.

Dolph makes his entrance and we go to break.

Baron Corbin vs. Dolph Ziggler

Circling, Ziggler with a go-behind but Corbin throws him into the corner. Big back elbow, lariat sends Dolph to the floor! Back inside, Baron pressing the attack until inevitably Dolph mounts a comeback. Big DDT... NOPE! Raining punches down in the corner, Corbin with an inverted suplex and a lariat to reassert his dominance as we go to break!

Back from commercial, Corbin with mounted punches, hard right hands to the forehead, to the apron, shoulder block, Ziggler with his own punches, off the ropes with flying clotheslines! Mounted punches in the corner, following it up with a neckbreaker and the Heartstopper elbow... NOPE!

Fallaway slam from Baron for two, trading forearms in the middle of the ring, Zig Zag denied and Corbin hits Deep Six... SO CLOSE! Setting Ziggler up top, he fires right hands and perches, diving axehandle caught, chokeslam countered, boot and the Zig Zag... NOT ENOUGH!

Catch a kick...

Baron Corbin wins by pinfall with End of Days.

Backstage, Miz is getting checked by a medic, and demands he just have “the surgery” now.

Byron Saxton rolls up and says that the custodial staff caught him making his own puddle and staging his slip-and-fall to get out of a match. The A-Lister sobs and continues his claim that he’s very, very injured right now and says he’s gonna sue the custodial staff.

Johnny Gargano walks by and shouts “OH MY GOD IT’S DEXTER LUMIS!” and Miz shoots up to his feet pain free. Gargano apologizes for his mistake and Miz claims that his superior DNA has healed him and it’ll be Dexter Lumis that is injured tonight, and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Montel Vontavious Porter is backstage with Omos.

MVP says he’s not here to disparage Braun Strowman, but rather to celebrate him, his size, his strength, and his ferocity. He’s a former Universal Champion, and the mere mention of his name strikes fear in the hearts of the ordinary. But Omos isn’t ordinary, and that’s why they’re going to SmackDown on Friday and the Nigerian Giant is going to walk right up to Braun and look down at him.

Strowman will then understand that Omos fears no man, because monsters aren’t real, but giants are.

We get a recap of Bray Wyatt’s return to SmackDown last week.

AJ Styles and the OC are hanging out backstage when Cameron Grimes rolls up.

He says he’s been having trouble with the Schism and was wondering if they’d team with him. The OC say they’re cash-only and brother-friendly, and if Grimes needs partners, they’ll be there.

They walk off and we go to break.

Back from commercial, commentary hypes up Crown Jewel’s card as it stands thus far.

AJ Styles vs. Dominik Mysterio

Styles right in, chopping Mysterio and taking him into the turnbuckles for hard right hands! Snap suplex, pressing the attack, mounted punches in the turnbuckles, Rhea Ripley helps turn the tide and Dominik is only too happy to get to work with chokes in the ropes.

Slingshot senton atomico for a nearfall, Mysterio in control and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Styles turning it back around, going up top, Mysterio climbs to meet him! Jockeying for position, right hand knocks Dominik down! Judgment Day run interference and Rhea Ripley trips AJ up! Mysterio back on the attack, corner body avalanches, stomps to the face, looking for the Three Amigos!

Styles with sliding forearms, pumphandle gutbuster connects, still just two! Up top, Dom goes for a tornado DDT, blocked! AJ climbs up with him, headbutt knocks him down, tornado DDT connects this time... STILL NO! Dropkick sets Styles up on the second, he ducks the 619, Calf Killer applied in the middle of the ring!

Mysterio gets the ropes and the action goes to the floor. Referee Eddie Orengo busy keeping the OC and Balor and Priest apart, Rhea trips AJ up...

Dominik Mysterio wins by pinfall with an overrotated schoolboy pin.

Johnny Gargano approaches Miz backstage.

He says he knows the real story between the A-Lister and Dexter Lumis and the easiest way for him to get out of this match is to go tell everyone the real story. Miz doubles down and says he’s gonna get Lumis banned forever and then settle the score with Gargano.

And so we go to break.

Back from commercial, we get another recap of our opening segment, because why not.

Miz attacks Dexter Lumis during his entrance, wailing on him with a steel chair before dragging him up and hitting Skull-Crushing Finale on the chair! The match is off!

Byron Saxton interviews Damage CTRL backstage.

They scoff at the question of “what’s next” because they want to talk about their most recent victory over Bianca Belair and Candice LeRae. Bayley asks him where Alexa Bliss is before saying they got rid of her. Same with Asuka, and that’s a preview of how they’re going to continue reigning over the tag division.

Bayley is over what Bianca pulled tonight and she’s over Extreme Rules but she’s not letting her off that easy, because next week she’s gonna show her what it’s like when she’s in control again, by wrestling her again.

We’re promised the return of Elias, after the break.

Back from commercial, Miz runs into Johnny Gargano again.

Gargano says that that attack won’t stop Dexter, the only thing that will stop him is giving him what he’s owed. And what’s the worst that happens, he loses Miz and Mrs. and Johnny and Candice take over? He’s wearing a whistle, which he’ll blow if Miz doesn’t personally come clean.

Elias is in the ring to sing us a song, standing in front of a keyboard this time.

He says it feels great to be back and his younger brother’s career was tragically cut short and that’s why he’s here tonight. The show must go on, and he asks who wants to walk with Elias. He says normally he’d play a song on guitar but he wanted to do something special tonight.

This song is straight from his heart and soul and he gets a little emotional doing this one, so he asks for applause to be held until he’s done.

Enter Matt Riddle, carrying bongos.

Elias says it’s great to see him but does he really want to interrupt his big return? Matt says he’s not here to interrupt, but he’s a huge fan and asks Elias if he wants to hit one of his bongs. Elias says that’s not really his thing but it’s great, and Riddle says WWE means walk with Elias, which he does a little Seven Nation Army singalong with the crowd for.

The Drifter says he appreciates it and offers Riddle a front row seat. Matt asks if one day they could play together, and Elias promises him that they will one day. Riddle takes his seat and says if Elias needs anything, he’s right here.

Spotlight back up, Elias starts playing piano and Matt can’t help but join in a little on his bongos—

Enter Seth Rollins, to send us to break.

Back from commercial, commentary hypes up tonight’s episode of Raw Talk.

Matt Riddle vs. Seth Rollins (c) (WWE United States Championship)

Riddle right into the triangle choke in the middle of the ring but Rollins gets away and bails to the floor. He tells Elias to go to the back but the Drifter stands firm. Back inside, back outside, Matt gets up on the turnbuckles to try and taunt Seth into returning but the Architect takes his sweet time.

Matt backing him into the corner with kicks, and again Rollins bails to the floor! Riddle follows after, blasting him with a forearm, back inside, Karelin lift! Stomps in the middle of the ring, smashing Matt’s face into the turnbuckles, hard whip to the opposite corner!

Slugging it out, straight suplex, cover for two! Again Rollins to the floor, jawing at Elias, he shoves him and gets a jumping knee in return while referee Chad Patton was distracted, and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Rollins with a pair of superkicks... NOPE! Kawada kicks, Riddle lands the Pele kick in return and kips up, fired up! Charging corner forearms, rolling elbow, big senton, knees up, back elbow on the charge, Riddle up top, corkscrew moonsault... NOT ENOUGH!

Sunset flip, rolling elbow, Death Blow ducked, ripcord knee from Riddle! Up for it, fall-forward Tombstone Piledriver... SO CLOSE! Up top... INVERTED SUPERPLEX ROLLED INTO PAROXYSM CAN’T KEEP MATT RIDDLE DOWN! Up top, frog splash... MATT CATCHES HIM INTO THE TRIANGLE CHOKE! Seth counters with the deadlift powerbomb but he doesn’t break the hold!

Up again, a buckle bomb this time but still Riddle won’t let go so Rollins hits a Liger Bomb... ONLY TWO AND THE CHOKE IS STILL IN! SETH GETS THE ROPES AND FORCES THE BREAK! Rollins rolls out of the ring to catch his breath and he begs Elias to hit him!

Superkick takes Elias out, Riddle with the Penalty Kick off the apron! Back inside, duck a lariat, snap scoop powerslam sets up the hanging DDT! RKO denied, Elias tries to come in, Riddle is shoved into him, Seth off the ropes...

Seth Rollins wins by pinfall with Blackout to retain the WWE United States Championship.

Post-match, Rollins hits a Blackout on Elias, too! Looking for another one on Riddle but Mustafa Ali hits the ring and lays the champion out with a Shinjiro Ohtani spinning wheel kick and follows it up with a suicide dive! Punches near the announce desk, a lariat into the crowd and Seth runs off like a scalded dog!

Ali tells Rollins he’s his problem now.

That’s the show, folks.

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